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Could Jordan’s Principle help a child, youth or family that you know and love?

​Culturally safe health and wellness support is available for First Nations children in BC.


You may know a child or youth in your area that needs health and wellness assistance. Maybe you're concerned they won't get the help they need because they don't have a status number or maybe you're having difficulty getting a referral from a physician because of where you live. Maybe it's another unique problem. 

In honour of National Child Day, November 20, we're spreading the word that culturally safe help is available for First Nations children in BC. You can call 1-855-550-5454 to access support services.

We understand that, at times, the health-care system can be intimidating and somewhat complicated. Let's not let this prevent you from getting you and your loved ones the help they need. We want to hear your story and support you to navigate the system of care for your children and youth. If you are eligible for FNHA benefits, then the process can start right away. 

Jordan's Principle is meant to prevent First Nations children from being denied essential services or experiencing delays in receiving them. Jordan's Principle applies to all First Nations children, supports navigation through all jurisdictional disputes and provides payment for needed services. If there are questions surrounding eligibility, we can help you build a case to access special Jordan's Principle funding. 

For example, a child who is under one year old can access care by using the status number of their parent or guardian. If the child is older than one year old, and is eligible to be registered, the child will still be covered under Jordan's Principle. We can help you with the paperwork and will guide you through the entire process, assess your child's needs, and work with you to get help early on. 

Regardless of health or social status, and no matter where they live, First Nations children and youth (0-19) may be eligible for Jordan's Principle funding if they have an identified need for a publicly funded health or social service ordinarily available to all other Canadian children. If you're confused or don't know where to start, we can help.

Our teachings tell us fairness is good medicine, and that's what Jordan's Principle is all about. This National Child Day, reach out on behalf of a child in your life and see if Jordan's Principle can help.

Learn more about Jordan's Principle in BC here.

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