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BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)

​As a BC resident, enrolling with the Medical Services Plan (MSP) is mandatory. MSP is a medical insurance program provided by the BC provincial government for all British Columbians. MSP residency requirements can be found here.

First Nations Health Benefits manages the MSP program for status First Nations in BC, and pays MSP premiums directly to Health Insurance BC. New MSP applicants will be assigned a unique Personal Health Number (PHN). Clients who already have a PHN will have their existing PHN reactivated.

First Nations MSP Group Plan

Under the BC First Nations Tripartite Framework Agreement on First Nation Health Governance, the FNHA Group Plan will pay MSP premiums on behalf of eligible First Nations. To be eligible to have your premiums paid by FNHA, individuals must: 

• Be a registered status Indian with CIRNAC,

• Be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada,

• Make their home in BC, and

•​ Be physically present in BC at least six months in a calendar year.

Registering with the First Nations MSP Group Plan

If you have an active PHN, contact the First Nations Health Benefits Eligibility team at 1.800.317.7878.

If you do not have an active PHN, complete the online registration form and fax or mail it to the FNHA along with a copy of government-issued picture ID such as a:

• Canadian birth certificate,

• Canadian citizenship card/certificate, or

•​ Canadian passport.

If you have been billed directly for MSP premiums, we will backdate your MSP premium coverage up to five years. Submit the online registration formalong with copies of your status card and ID, and write on the application: "please backdate MSP coverage to: [MONTH/YEAR]."

First Nations Individuals Turning 19

Children are enrolled under their parent's MSP account until age 19. After the month of your 19th birthday you will get your own PHN and will be billed directly for MSP premiums if you do not register with the FNHA MSP Group Plan.

Changing MSP Information

You can change your MSP information using the MSP Change Request Form. This allows you to make changes to your MSP account, such as:

• Change account holder's information

• Change address information

• Add, remove, or change information for a spouse

•​ Add, remove, or change information for a child

Click here for the MSP Change Request Form

Be sure to add all applicable documents, such as marriage or name change certificates, adoption papers, and birth certificates.

Leaving BC Temporarily

When you are outside of BC you do not have full, regular access to MSP or MSP related services. For example:

• MSP only covers medically-necessary services from a provider enrolled with MSP.

• The BC Ministry of Health does not subsidize ambulance service fees outside of BC; individuals may be invoiced directly for ambulance services.

•​ When travelling to other provinces or outside Canada, BC residents are strongly advised to purchase additional health insurance. Most provinces/territories (except Quebec) will bill their own provincial health plans for any services, and recover costs through an inter-provincial agreement.

If you plan on temporarily residing outside of BC for an extended period of time (e.g. students attending post-secondary outside BC), please contact First Nations Health Benefits to ensure your MSP stays active.

Updating Your MSP Status

Please contact the First Nations Health Benefits Eligibility team to update your MSP status if you are:

• Leaving BC permanently for another province or outside Canada,

• Leaving BC temporarily,

• Renewing your coverage because you are turning 19,

• Renewing your coverage if your MSP premium coverage was discontinued,

• Studying outside of BC, or

•​ Canceling your BC MSP coverage.

Obtaining a BC Services Card

The BC Services Card can be obtained from an ICBC driver licensing office, or by contacting Service BC toll free at: 1.800.663.7867. BC residents are required to update their picture ID in order to maintain an active PHN. For more information about the BC Services Card, please visit ​​

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