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Cultural Safety and Cultural Humility Webinars

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Calling all Health Professionals and Allies in BC!​

You are invited to the First Nations Health Authority and BC Patient Safety & Quality Council cultural safety and cultural humility webinar action series! 12 webinar events will take place over the next year to encourage participation, learning, self-reflection and positive change among BC's healthcare professionals.

The series will support development of tools and skills on how to be effective allies for advancing cultural safety and humility and what health service staff and allies can do to understand and integrate this work into their practice or interaction with First Nations and Aboriginal Clients.

Hear from thought leaders such as Joe Gallagher, Dr. Evan Adams, Dr. Nadine Caron, Margo Greenwood, and representatives from each regional health authority in the province.​


Webinar 6: Cultural Humility and Nursing in BC


Nurses play an important role in delivering quality care for First Nations communities in BC. Nurses are sometimes the first and only local health support for rural and remote communities, and can be a trusted source of advice. What does cultural safety and humility mean as a nurse working in a First Nations community? How can nurses working with First Nations and Aboriginal peoples approach the work in a good way to ensure their care is safe?

This webinar will feature FNHA Chief Nursing Officer Becky Palmer, and nurses Inez Louis from the Sto:lo Nation and Lisa Sam from Nak'azdli. This webinar is open to all health and social services staff with a particular focus on nurses who interact with First Nations and Aboriginal peoples. We'll hear from First Nations nurses on how they integrate cultural safety into their work and practical tips on how others can do the same.​​

Download the event poster here (PDF 494 KB)


Webinar 5: Pursuing Cultural Safety

​The politics of acknowledgement come to the fore in Fraser Health’s Indigenous Cultural Safety debrief circle sessions. Facilitated by Aboriginal Health Liaison, Carol Peters, the debrief circle sessions are a training opportunity founded on the principles of inclusivity, respect and intentionality. Through a talking circle, participants undertake a personal and professional journey of self-discovery. In this space, buried biases can be unearthed and intentional practices towards reconciliation may be realized. Join Fraser Health’s Aboriginal Health team as they discuss the challenges and successes of unearthing bias in the health care system and countering tendencies to create cultural risk.​

Presentation slides (PDF ​​1. 94 MB)

Download the event poster here (PDF 233 KB)

​Webinar 4: Intergenerational Trauma and Institutional Avoidance

​At this year's National Health Leaders Conference, 73% of delegates voted Indigenous Health as Canada's top healthcare priority. There is no question that the country is paying attention to the unacceptable health gaps between First Nations and non-Aboriginal.

Reconciliation is an essential dimension of improving healthcare quality; only, too often reconciliation is viewed as focusing on the injustices of the past. In this webinar, hear from Dr. Evan Adams about how reconciliation is an everyday act that physicians can undertake to ensure greater cultural safety for Indigenous clients. We'll review communication styles and everyday practical tips that physicians can take today to make the healthcare experience safer.​​


​​Presentati​on slid​es (PDF 1.41 MB)​


​Webinar 3:​ The Importance of Story to Cultural Safety Webinar​

Colonization has impacted a people's story. In our spheres of influence, both personally and professionally, we must situate cultural safety to place, to the land, and to the geography in which we work, play, and live. How will you get to know the story specific to your place? What does investing in cultural safety look like in your organization to make impactful change?

Join Brad Anderson and Vanessa Mitchell from Interior Health as they explore the importance of understanding a people's story in the realm of cultural safety.​

Presentati​o​n​ Slides ​(​​PDF ​1.94 MB)

Event Poster (PDF 244 KB)​




Webinar 2:

Learning and Advancing the Recommendations of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission​ with Shelley Joseph​​

Our country's history and present day are shared and co-created realities. Actively participating in the reconciliation process in Canada is one way that we can begin to take responsibility for our shared history and future together. Acknowledging and reconciling our past and present are fundamentally important to the health and wellbeing of Indigenous peoples and all Canadians. Reconciliation occurs at both the individual and systemic levels.

Join Shelley Joseph to learn how to effect daily acts of reconciliation at the individual level and how to grow reconciliation at home, at work and in our communities.​​

Event Poster​ (PDF 194 KB)



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