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Electronic Medical Records (EMR)/Electronic Health Records (EHR)

What are Electronic Medical Records?

• Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are electronic versions of paper medical files.  Allowing those who provide care (e.g. doctors, nurses etc.) access to complete medical files through the use of EMRs can improve the care that is provided.

• EMRs are typically updated through computer systems by your family doctor.

• These records replace paper files and charts. ​

What are Community Electronic Medical Records?​

• A Community Electronic Medical Record (cEMR) is an electronic health record that is used by First Nations Health Services Organizations.


What are Electronic Health Records?

• An Electronic Health Record (EHR) collects various sources of health information into one file.

Why are Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Records important?

These electronic records are important because they provide doctors and nurses with easy access to your medical history. 

What can you expect in the future?

The First Nations health records system is currently fragmented.  The FNHA is working on a solution with our regional offices, Ministry of Health and health authority partners to consolidate health information.




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