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Community Health Planning

​As part of the transfer, the FNHA has assumed responsibility for the existing community planning process of First Nations & Inuit Health-BC Region. ​This planning process is very much integrated with the existing program and service structure – it is a way to trigger program and service funding along a spectrum of various funding relationships (from set, to flexible, to block funding arrangements). ​Despite the limitations in the current community planning process, many communities or health service agencies have been able to develop comprehensive community health and wellness plans to support the overall vision of the community.

Over time, First Nations have the opportunity to shape and transform the current community, regional and provincial planning requirements and processes to better suit our own needs. Recently, First Nations have engaged through the Guidebook 2013: Building Blocks for Transformation to discuss their planning expectations. The feedback provided through the Guidebook process, as well as through future engagements, will guide the long-term transformation of the community health & wellness planning process, and the shorter-term development of tools, supports, and investments for community planning.​



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