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Non-medical Cannabis Information



My Wisdom is IndigenousMy Wisdom is Indigenous<p>Our teachings guide us to respect powerful substances and tell us that anything taken too far can harm us, our families and our relationships. Learning about cannabis gives us the strength and ability to make informed choices for ourselves and others.​</p>
My Health is IndigenousMy Health is Indigenous​​My Health is Indigenous​</p><p>Our teachings guide us to respect and care for our minds and bodies. Understanding the potential health impacts of cannabis can help us protect our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.​</p>
My Community is IndigenousMy Community is Indigenous<p>Our teachings guide us to take care of our families, friends, and communities. Learn how to have informed and thoughtful conversations about cannabis with youth and others.​</p>


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For more information please contact:

Benjamin Rolph at
604-699-3174 or

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