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How to Make a Compliment or Complaint
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First Nations and Aboriginal people have a right to access a health care system that is free of racism and discrimination and to feel safe when accessing health care. This means individuals, families and communities are able to voice their perspectives, ask questions and be respected by health care professionals on their beliefs, behaviours and values. 

Clients and families have the right to raise concerns and receive a timely response to their concerns, without fear of retribution or an impact on their health services and care. We will do our best to support your cultural and psychological safety throughout the process. Clients and families may also choose to remain anonymous.

How to Make a Compliment or Complaint 

FNHA Quality Care and Safety
Phone: 1-844-935-1044 (toll free)

If possible, please provide the following information:

  • name and two points of contact (preferably telephone and email)
  • a brief description of your compliment or complaint
  • location where it happened

You will receive an initial response within two business days

Frequently Asked​​ Questions

What can I expect when I share my experience? 

  • We will listen and respond with privacy and respect.
  • We will gather information and outline the options available to you.
  • We will proceed only according to your wishes.
  • We will provide a written response.

In what areas of the British Columbia healthcare system does the Quality Care and Safety Office assist clients and families with complaints?

We provide a safe avenue for First Nations clients to provide feedback, based on their specific experiences, on health services system wide. These services include:

  • those delivered directly by FNHA (such as nursing stations and some Health Benefits)
  • those delivered by external health care providers (such as hospitals)
  • those funded by FNHA (such as care provided in First Nations Community health centres, Pacific Blue Cross and PharmaCare Plan W)​

What support does the Quality Care and Safety Office provide to clients and families who have a complaint about care received from a British Columbia Health Authority?

We will assist you in navigating through the Health Authority’s Patient Care Quality processes. At a minimum the FNHA Quality Care and Safety Office will connect the client with the appropriate Patient Care Quality Office. In some cases, the FNHA Quality Care and Safety Office will provide additional support to the client through the completion of the review process. Information shared between the FNHA Quality Care and Safety Office and the Patient Care Quality Office may only be done with the informed consent of the client whose health information is being accessed.

Cultural Safety an​d Humility

The FNHA Patient Care Quality Office is founded in and operates within the framework of Cultural Safety and Humility. Cultural safety (respectful engagement) and cultural humility (self-reflection) inform all our interactions.

Read more about Cultural Safety and Humility at FNHA 

Our commitment to cultural safety and humility is in line with the public interest mandates that provincial health organizations have for ensuring safe, competent and ethical care for all BC residents and addressing the systemic racism faced by BC First Nations when accessing provincial health care services. 

Your Priv​acy 

The FNHA Quality Care and Safety Office shares your information with the Patient Care Quality Office of the relevant Health Authority only with your informed consent.

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FNHA Quality Care and Safety

Phone: 1-844-935-1044 (toll free)


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