What Do They Do?: Gurwinder Singh

This week we profile Gurwinder Singh, Service Desk Supervisor for the IIMS team.


Gurwinder comes to the FNHA family via an interesting and circuitous route. Born into a military family in Kanpur, Northern India, Gurwinder and his family moved every two years. He was able to experience most of India this way.

When deciding to study abroad, Gurwinder researched educational institutions in the US and Canada and eventually chose Canada. Gurwinder studied Computer Science and Information Systems, first at Douglas College and then at BCIT. 

What do you do on any given day?
As Supervisor for the Service Desk, our team of 8 strives to ensure that all Service Desk Tickets are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner. I make sure that the team has the right training, equipment and resources to keep the system running smoothly. We assist new staff with on-boarding, and provide daily user support and that keeps us very busy.

What does your mother think you do?
My mother doesn't know what I do; she thinks maybe I am an astronaut. But my dad knows I work with technology and computers.

What is one of the strangest or most unique aspects of your job?
You would think that this job is about computers and technology, but it is really about people and personalities. The more exposure you get to the people you work with, it makes the job more interesting.