What Do They Do?: Vanessa Guenther

This week we profile Vanessa Guenther, Administrative Assistant, Corporate Services. Vanessa comes to the FNHA via Hamburg, Germany where she studied Applied Media, with a focus on film. She has experience working as a production assistant on corporate film productions and in location production offices. 


Vanessa was placed with FNHA while enrolled with a temporary staffing agency and then spent her early days at Reception on the fifth floor of Park Royal. It was there that she really got to know about FNHA: being responsible for directing general enquiries requires that you know about each of the departments and programs in order to properly transfer clients through to the appropriate person.

Q: What do you do on any given day?
I am kept very busy with scheduling, arranging and preparing for meetings and providing administrative support services to the Director of Funding and Procurement, Tony Bamford. Because of the very busy workload of the two departments - including coordinated communication initiatives, such as briefing notes, transcription services, meetings and teleconferencing - all our work must be done in a timely fashion.

Q: What is the most unique aspect of your job?
A unique aspect of my job is the fact that as an administrative support person, I get a fair bit of insight into the workload and tasks of our staff. Working with the leadership team of our department (Tony, Poonam and Bobby) and having access to their calendars and organizing meetings helps me better understand the range of work that we do on a continuous basis and the support we provide to our internal and external customers.

Q: What do you like about working at FNHA?
I love the team spirit here at FNHA. Our team likes to celebrate individual achievements, birthdays and participate in group outings. I feel supported in my work and I work with a great team. The focus on individual wellness also makes the FNHA quite unique.