Sober(er) for October

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​​​​​​​​​An Opportunity for Reflection

Every October, FNHA hosts the Sober(er) for October challenge.

This challenge is a good opportunity for those of us who consume alcohol or other substances to think about the role they play in our lives. How much do we consume them? How often? Why?

We can reflect on these questions and learn more about how alcohol and other substances impact our health. Perhaps we can consider alternative options.

This past year and a half, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people have been feeling stressed and isolated, which means more people may have been tempted to consume alcohol or other substances to cope. If you are one of these people, don't beat yourself up about it! Instead, look forward and join us on this challenge to become “sober(er)" and healthier together!

You Make t​he Rules

The “(er)" we put in “sober(er)" just means that you make the rules in your Sober(er) for October Challenge. You may choose to cut down on alcohol or quit drinking alcohol altogether. How you approach this initiative is up to you.

Here are some ways you can participate:​

  • Learn about how alcohol impacts your health and wellness goals.
  • Make a plan (for example, to drink alcohol only on weekends or only particular weekdays).
  • Be mindful of how many drinks you have at a given time.
  • Try to stop drinking alcohol altogether this month. (If you are a heavy drinker, read this message from Dr. Nel Wieman about getting through withdrawal)
  • Increase your daily water intake.
  • Pair up with a friend, and support and encourage each other on your Sober(er) for October wellness journey.
  • For inspiration, read previous Sober(er) for October messages and personal testimonies on our website. Click on the links below!
  • Share your commitment with your friends and loved ones, allowing them to support you. On social media, use the hashtag: #SoberERforOctober.

Social Media Toolkit

Stories from Prev​​ious Years

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2018 Chal​lenge


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The Sobe​r(er) for October Challenge was created and launched by the FNHA Office of the Chief Medical Officer as part of its strength-based approach to wellness, and is supported by the Wellness Initiatives Team.​

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