Communicable disease emergencies (Pandemic influenza)

Pandemic Influenza and Pandemic Planning

Pandemic influenza is the worldwide spread of a new influenza (flu) subtype. It is different from a regular flu outbreak or epidemic because it affects a wider geographical area and more people – it is usually a global outbreak - and can lead to an increase in severe illnesses and deaths.

Pandemic plans help communities prevent, prepare, respond and recover from a pandemic emergency.


The FNHA and Pandemic Planning

The FNHA Health Protection Nurse Specialist for Pandemic and Communicable Disease Emergencies (CDE) helps BC First Nations communities prepare for and manage pandemic and other communicable disease emergencies by:

• Developing and delivering pandemic preparedness sessions in communities

• Providing information and resources to community pandemic planning teams to help them improve their pandemic plans

• Supporting the development of culturally-appropriate education materials

• Supporting response efforts during a pandemic event

• Providing a First Nations perspective and voice to pandemic planning at the regional, provincial and national level



Emergency Preparedness, Response and Recovery:

Immunize BC:


Do you have Questions about Pandemic Planning?

Talk to your community leadership if you are interested in being a part of your community pandemic planning team.  You can also talk to your community health nurse (CHN) at your health centre or nursing station.


Contact Us

For more information, contact the FNHA Health Protection team at 1-844-364-2232.

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