Interim Health Plan


Looking forward to the second full year of operationalizing the transfer, the FNHA is pleased to launch its Summary Service Plan (SSP) for the 2015/2016 fiscal year. This SSP marks an exciting moment in the transformative journey underway for BC First Nations, the FNHA and its partners. A focus will be on supporting another year of smooth operations while expanding FNHA's vision of transformation and innovation, enabled by its governance and other strategic partnerships. During this time of transformational work, FNHA brings a renewed commitment to uphold our Seven Directives and shared values of Respect, Discipline, Relationships, Culture, Excellence and Fairness.

In the coming year, as the SSP highlights, FNHA will concentrate efforts in four key goal areas rather than five. The goal of smooth transition has been removed while the FNHA moves beyond this stage of the work. Strategic goals include:

1. Enhancing First Nations Health Governance;

2. Promoting and Implementing the BC First Nations Perspective on Wellness as a Health and Wellness Champion;

3. Improving Health Service and Programs as a Health and Wellness Partner; and

4. Strengthening the FNHA as a Sustainable and Effective First Nations Health Organization.

Fiscal highlights this year include an increase in dollars that will flow directly into the regions. The plan notes that 75% of the overall 2015/2016 budget will be for direct regional investment as compared to 70% last year. An 11% increase in Health Actions expenditures means more direct investment in wellness and preventative services. FNHA looks forward to the year ahead and reporting progress as we continue our collaborations with our partners, working towards our shared vision of "Healthy, Self-Determining and Vibrant BC First Nations, Children, Families and Communities".

Download the 2015-16 Summary Service Plan here (PDF 1.88 MB)

The 2013-2014 Interim Health Plan is summarized into a Summary Service Plan released to First Nations and the general public.  The Summary Service Plan provides an overview of the Interim Health Plan, summarizing the key FNHA priorities and milestones. The current Summary Service Plan is titled "A Year in Transition: 2013-2014 Interim Health Plan Overview" and can be downloaded here: IHP Overview PDF (1.6 mb)


The transformation stage ahead provides a unique opportunity for us as BC First Nations to develop a planning model that is logical, transparent, synchronized – and which is underpinned by the 7 Directives that guide all of our efforts. Through a new planning model, a key focus will be on community-level or multi-community level health and wellness planning built on citizen engagement. The resulting plans will articulate the community wellness visions and priorities. These citizen-driven community health and wellness plans will directly inform future Regional Health & Wellness Plans adopted by the region's First Nations – the first iteration of these plans is being developed now by the Regions. Together, the five Regional Health & Wellness Plans will influence and guide the planning processes of the FNHC, FNHDA, and FNHA, including future Interim and Multi-Year Health Plans as well as strategic plans.

We look forward to working with all of you, as we move beyond transition, to shape and transform the current community, regional and provincial planning requirements and processes to better suit our own standards, expectations, and needs as BC First Nations. 

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