Health Emergency Management

Health Emergency Management facilitates coordinated FNHA activities in response to emergencies that may impact the health of BC First Nations community members. Through collaboration and partnership with various federal, provincial, regional and non-governmental health organizations, Health Emergency Management ensures that First Nations communities are effectively incorporated into emergency preparedness, prevention, response and recovery activities.


• Ensure that communities are effectively linked within the provincial emergency response system and receive emergency management support at a level equivalent to non-First Nations.

• Ensure an effective FNHA response during the response and recovery stages of an emergency.

Coordination and Leadership

• Provides leadership within FNHA during an emergency and as a central FNHA contact for health emergencies in First Nations communities. Supports various mitigation, planning, response and recovery activities, including internal and external communications during an emergency; such as, Provincial Regional Emergency Operations Calls (PREOCs) attendance, situational awareness reports, information dissemination to communities, and emergency event debriefs.

• Maintains situational awareness during seasonal and other situations with potential impacts on health of community members.

• Builds partnerships with external partners (Federal, Provincial, Regional, and non-governmental organizations, and First Nations) related to emergency preparedness, and facilitates collaborative response efforts.

Emergency Care Program

• Facilitates the delivery of a first responder training program to BC First Nations communities to enhance access to first responders who have life-saving skills and knowledge to perform patient care until the arrival of an ambulance.

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