Medication Return-It Event Grant


​​​​​​​​​Host a Medication Return-it Event i​​n your Community

The FNHA provides funding to support First Nations communities in BC that want to organize a “Med Return-It Event" for returning medications safely in their communities. These events make it easy for community members to dispose of unwanted medication and reduce the risk of forgotten or expired medications ending up in the hands of children, youth or vulnerable adults.

How the Gran​​ts Can Be Used

Grants of $500 are available to communities to help offset the cost of hosting an event. Organizers can also use the funds to host a community meal to bring volunteers and community members together to raise awareness before the event. FNHA can provide promotional items such as water bottles, to volunteers for event day.

How the E​​vent Works

Community partners join forces for a Med Return-It Event, collecting unused or expired prescription or non-prescription drugs from communities.

Event volunteers go door-to-door to gather any medications that residents would like to dispose of.

Communities then work with local pharmacists or regional health authorities to dispose of the unwanted medication safely.


To apply for a Med Return-It Event Grant:

  1. Download the application form and save it to your computer
  2. Fill it out electronically
  3. Email the completed application to

Provide​ Feedback

The FNHA would like to ensure the success of Med Return-It Events. You can help us do this by filling out a short online survey about your event once you have hosted it.

If you would prefer to give us your feedback by email, please email us at Thank you!


​FNHA Health Medication Use Team

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