Elder Abuse Awareness


BC Elders’ Guide • Elder Wellness • Falls Prevention • re:act (for recognize, report and act on older adult abuse and neglect

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​BC Elders' G​uide

The BC Elders' Guide is a comprehensive resource from the FNHA, Seniors BC and the Ministry of Health. The purpose of the guide is to ensure that Elders and their families and caregivers have access to information about the programs, services and resources they need.

Guide contents:

  • Personal Record & Emergency Numbers page
  • Your Benefits
  • Your Wellness
  • Your Health Services
  • First Nations Health Benefits
  • Your Home
  • Getting Around
  • Your Money
  • Your Safety and Security
  • Your Resources
  • Your Directory
  • We Asked Elders: What is your secret to aging well?

Elder Well​​ness

  • Your Doctor and You (pocket card) – Why should I have a family doctor? • Your health care professional should: • During your visit • Voice your concern • Steps you can take
  • Your Medication (pocket card) – Your Medication: What You Need to Know • Steps for Success: Managing Your Medication

Falls Prev​ention

  • ​1 in 3 Elders Will Fall this Year: What can you do to prevent falls? (poster 1poster 2)
  • Staying Independent​ ​​(Seniors BC information pamphlet) – Falls are the main reason why older adults lose their independence. Are you at risk? 

re:act (recogn​ize, report and act on older adult abuse and neglect)

The name re:act stands for recognize, report and act on older adult abuse and neglect. The National First Nations re:act program has produced a series of publications that organizations can customize in campaigns against elder abuse.

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