Harm Reduction

Harm reduction is a public health approach that saves lives by minimizing harm and potential danger. A harm reduction approach meets people where they are at with open arms, acceptance, and compassion – not judgment or shame. A harm reduction approach recognizes that every life is valuable and that substance use and addiction are complex and challenging. 

People who struggle with addiction need to be supported not judged. Stigma around drug use can actually cause more deaths, as shamed people can become more reluctant to discuss their challenges with addiction or seek medical help.

At the FNHA, we see drug use as a health issue rather than a moral issue. We encourage you to adopt a harm reduction approach in your life and to have conversations about how to keep yourself, family members and friends safe.

Harm Reduction Video Shorts



Indigenous Harm Reduction Video Series

FNHA and Vancouver Coastal Health worked with filmmaker Asia Youngman to create a video series about Indigenous Harm Reduction. These videos are a teaching tool to help start discussions in Indigenous communities about harm reduction, substance use, and stigma, all from Indigenous perspectives.

We were especially interested in sharing the perspective of our dearly missed friend and colleague, Tracey Morrison. At the time of filming, Tracey was the president of the Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society. We are grateful that we are able to share her inspiring words as we host these important discussions in Indigenous communities across the province and beyond.

Indigenous Harm Reduction Video Series Teaching Guide (PDF 156 KB)

Watch the videos here:




Indigenous Harm Reduction Principles and Practices (PDF 349 KB)