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Indigenous Strengths and CannabisIndigenous Strengths and Cannabis<p>Courage, leadership, patience, protection – these are just some of the strengths needed to have a healthy relationship with cannabis. Hear more about Indigenous strengths from First Nations youth and elders in these short, candid videos.​<br></p>,
Cannabis ResourcesCannabis Resources<p>Our teachings guide us to respect powerful substances and tell us that anything taken too far can harm us, our families and our relationships. Learning about cannabis gives us the strength and ability to make informed choices for ourselves and others.​</p>,
Get Informed about CannabisGet Informed about Cannabis<p>Our teachings guide us to respect and care for our minds and bodies. Understanding the potential health impacts of cannabis can help us protect our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellness.​</p>,

Non-Medical Cannabis


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Indigenous Strengths Videos — Cannabis and You — Cannabis Use Quiz — Problematic Cannabis Use — Cannabis and Driving


Pregnancy and Cannabis — Breastfeeding and Cannabis — Cannabis and Maternal Health — Cannabis and Parenting


Learn about Cannabis — Cannabis Laws — Legalized Cannabis — Cannabis Terminology

Resources for Health Professionals, Individuals and Communities

See the Cannabis Resources page for webinars and fact sheets for health care providers on a variety of cannabis topics. This page also includes resources for individuals and communities, including cannabis awareness posters, fact sheets and the guide Navigating Non-Medical Cannabis in BC: A First Nations Community Guidebook to Cannabis Legalization.

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