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Improvements to the Mental Health Counselling Benefit


Effective today (June 10, 2019), the Short-Term Crisis Intervention Mental Health Counselling program will be re-named the Mental Wellness and Counselling program to reflect improvements to coverage.

The program has been changed to improve access to services. These improvements include:

 Removing the requirement that clients be in a state of crisis in order to be eligible for services

 Providing counselling to all eligible clients regardless of residence on or off-reserve 

 Extending the validity of prior approvals to 12 months (had been five previously)

 Increasing the number of counselling sessions covered from 15 to 20​

Counselling must be provided by a mental health provider registered with First Nations Health Benefits. A full list of registered providers is on the FNHA website at

Clients with any questions may call the Health Benefits support line at 1-855-550-5454. ​

Short-Term Crisis Intervention Mental Health Counselling Program (Old)


Mental Wellness and Counselling Program (NEW – Effective June 10, 2019)


·   Counselling only available to clients living off-reserve

·   Clients must be in crisis to access ​counselling

·   Prior approvals only valid for 20 weeks

·   Provides coverage for 15 counselling sessions

Counselling available to all clients regardless of residence on or off-reserve 

If clients need counselling they are eligible – there is no crisis requirement

Prior approvals valid for 12 months

Provides coverage for 20 counselling sessions

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