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Mental Health

​​What is covered?

1. Mental Wellness and Counselling provides FNHA clients with coverage for counselling from qualified mental health providers. Counselling is a tool for individuals experiencing a difficult situation to resolve their emotional distress and enjoy greater wellness. 

2. Indian Residential School Resolution Health Support Program - Individual and Family Counselling component is open to all former Indian Residential School students and their families. Counselling is provided to safely address the broad spectrum of mental wellness issues and trauma related to the impacts of Indian Residential Schools.

3. Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls - Health Support Services is open to all survivors, family members, and loved ones who are impacted by the national inquiry and cases related to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in Canada. For more information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions sheet.

Accessing Mental Health Benefits

How do I access my mental health benefits? And how does payment work?

1. Finding a counselor and making an appointment: Make an initial appointment with a mental health provider such as a counsellor, social worker, or psychologist registered with FNHB. A list of providers registered to deliver counselling through First Nations Health Benefits is located ​​he​re. The FNHB team regularly registers new mental health providers. If you cannot find a registered mental health provider close to you, contact the FNHB team here. Once you have contacted a mental health provider, the provider will review your needs and determine which of the three programs you are eligible for. 

2. Prior to your first appointment: Once you have booked your first appointment, the mental health provider will complete the first portion of the 'Prior Approval' form and send it to the First Nations Health Benefits team.

3. At your first appointment/initial assessment: During your initial assessment, the mental health provider will evaluate how you are doing and develop a treatment plan with you. The provider then completes the remainder of the 'Prior Approval form', which you will sign, and sends this form to the First Nations Health Benefits team. First Nations Health Benefits informs the mental health provider how many sessions are approved as part of your treatment plan.

4. Signing Invoices: You will need to sign the invoice forms created by the mental health provider, who then forwards the forms to FNHB for payment.  This is an important part of FNHB's quality assurance process.

Finding a Registered Mental Health Provider in BC

This list of registered mental health providers is updated monthly. If you have questions about providers, please contact us.

Additional Resources

FNHA Mental Wellness and Substance Use Webpage

The FNHA Mental Wellness and Substance Use program provides a number of us eful resources and links for clients seeking additional information or support related to mental health, mental wellness, and substance use. Visit the webpage here.

KUU-US Crisis Services (24-hour Crisis Services)

The KUU-US Crisis line is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week – regardless of where you live in BC. If you are in need, you can call and receive an immediate response. Toll Free: 1.800.KUU.US17 (1- 800-588-8717)
Adult/Elder: 250.723.4050
Child/Youth: 250.723.2040
For more information about KUU-US, visit

First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line and On-line Counselling Service

The Hope for Wellness Help Line offers immediate mental health counselling and crisis intervention to all Indigenous people across Canada.

Toll Free: 1-855-242-3310

Hope for Wellness Chat Line:

National Indian Residential School Crisis Line

Indigenous Services Canada offers a national Indian Residential School Crisis Line to support former Residential School students. The crisis line provides emotional and crisis referral services 24 hours per day.

Toll Free: 1-866-925-4419


Registering as a Mental Health Provider

If you are a mental health provider and would like to deliver services to FNHA, please review the Guide To Mental Health Counselling Services. This guide outlines the terms and conditions, criteria, guidelines, and policies under which the First Nations Health Benefits Mental Health Program operates. To register you will need to complete the Mental Health Provider Agreement Form, located in Appendix 1 of the Guide. 

To be eligible to provide services to FNHA, you must be currently registered with one of the following professional bodies:

1. The B.C. Association of Clinical Counsellors

2. The B.C. College of Social Workers

3. The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

4. The College of Psychologists of B.C.

If you are eligible to register with FNHA, please include all of the following in your registration package:

1. Your completed provider agreement form

2. A description of your previous training and/or experience working with First Nations clients

3. A copy of your current resume

4. Verification of your current liability insurance (minimum $2,000,000 coverage)

5. If desired, provide a voided cheque for direct deposit purposes

Please note that you will need to complete the San'y​as Indigenous Cultural Safety Online Training Program (Core Health or Core Mental Health) hosted by Provincial Health Services Authority.  You will need to complete this within a year of your confirmation of registration with FNHA. 

Forms for Providers

Mental Health Provider Agreement Form – also located in Appendix 1 of the Guide.

Mental Health Counselling Prior Approval Form – this form must be completed before initial appointments with FNHA clients.

Mental Health Counselling Invoice Form


Contact First Nations Health Benefits – Mental Health Team

Mental Wellness and Counselling Program

Toll Free: 1.877.477.0775

Fax: 604-658-2833 



Indian Residential School Resolution Health Support Program 

Toll Free: 1.877.477.0775

Fax: 604.658.2833


Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls - Health Support Services

Toll Free: 1.877.477.0775

Fax: 604.658.2833


 Do you have questions?

​Contact us at 

or call 

1.800.317.7878 (Toll Free)​

FNHA First Nations Health Benefits Mental Health Provider List​

 How was your experience?

We want to hear from you about your experience with FNHA Health Benefits. Please take 5-10 minutes to fill out our survey here:

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​This client satisfaction survey will help us understand BC First Nations experiences accessing FNHA Health Benefits. We will use this information to improve the quality of our services.​​

Downlo​ad a print version of the FNHA Health Benefits Client Satisfaction Survey​


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