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Medical Supplies & Equipment

​​​​​Medical Supplies & Equipment are available to eligible BC ​First Nations ​for personal use when all of the following criteria are met:

• The item is on the FNHA Health Benefits program Medical Supplies & Equipment List (see the ‘What is​ covered?’ section below).
• Prior approval, if required, is granted by the FNHA Health Benefits program.
• The item is not available to clients through other federal, provincial, or other third party plans.
• The benefit is prescribed by an eligible prescriber.
• The item is provided by an FNHA recognized pharmacy or medical supply and equipment provider.

What is covered?

Medical Supplies & Equipment provided through the FNHA Health Benefits program include the following:

• Audiology (Hearing Aids and Supplies)
• Bathing and Toileting Aids
• Cushions and Protectors
• Environmental Aids (Dressing and Feeding)
• Lifting and Transfer Aids
• Low Vision Aids
• Miscellaneous Supplies and Equipment
• Mobility Aids (Walking Aids, Wheelchairs)
• Orthotics and Custom Footwear
• Ostomy Supplies and Devices
• Oxygen Supplies and Equipment
• Pressure Garments and Pressure Orthotics (Compression Device and Scar Management)
• Prosthetic Benefits (Breast, Eye, Limbs)
• Respiratory Supplies and Equipment
• Urinary Supplies and Devices (Catheter Supplies and Devices, Incontinence Supplies)
• Wound Dressing Supplies

Note: Some medical supplies and all medical equipment require prior approval.

The following items are exclusions under the program:

• Assistive listening devices (excluding eligible hearing aids)
• Assistive speech devices (i.e., keyboard speech systems, speech enhancers)
• Cochlear implants
• Custom-made mask for ventilation
• Electric/myoelectric limb prosthetics
• Exercise devices
• Experimental equipment
• Foot products manufactured only from laser or optical scanning or computerized gait and pressure analysis systems
• Grab bars permanently fixed
• Hospital beds and mattresses
• Implants
• Items for cosmetic purposes
• Items used exclusively for sports, work or education
• Incentive spirometer
• Orthopedic footwear (i.e. "off the shelf")
• Part of a surgical procedure
• Providing oxygen for indications which do not meet the medical criteria of the First Nations Health Benefits Program (i.e. angina and pain relief from migraines)
• Respiratory equipment for in-patients of an institution
• Scooters
• Short-term compression stockings/ garments (i.e. post-operative: surgical stripping, sclerotherapy, and edema conditions)
• Temporary prosthetics required as part of a surgical procedure

Accessing your Medical Supplies & Equipment (MS&E) Benefits

How do I access my MS&E benefits? And how does payment work?

1. You receive a prescription from an authorized prescriber (this includes a physician or nurse practitioner).
2. Your medical supplies & equipment (MS&E) needs are assessed by a health professional. The health professional prepares assessment results and recommends MS&E.
3. You take your assessment to a recognized MS&E provider and select products.
4. The MS&E provider completes and forwards the request assessment and prescription to the FNHA Health Benefits program for Prior Approval.
5. The FNHA Health Benefits program reviews your request and determines eligibility based on program guidelines. If necessary, the FNHA Health Benefits program refers request to a medical consultant for a professional opinion on medical requirements.
6. The FNHA Health Benefits program faxes a letter confirming that your MS&E benefits have been approved to your MS&E provider. 
7. You pick up your medical supplies and equipment and sign a form to confirm you have received the product(s​).
8. The MS&E provider completes a claim form and forwards it to claims payer for payment.

Providers may need the following ‘prior approval forms’:

• MS & E General Items Prior Approval Form
• MS & E Orthotics / Custom Footwear / Prosthetics / Pressure Garment Prior Approval Form
• MS & E Hearing Aid and Hearing Repair Prior Approval Form
• MS & E Oxygen and Respiratory Items Prior Approval Form 

Please click here to access the prior approval forms.​

 How was your experience?

We want to hear from you about your experience with FNHA Health Benefits. Please take 5-10 minutes to fill out our survey here:

​Fee​dback ​

​This client satisfaction survey will help us understand BC First Nations experiences accessing FNHA Health Benefits. We will use this information to improve the quality of our services.​​

Downlo​ad a print version of the FNHA Health Benefits Client Satisfaction Survey​


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​Client Satisfaction Survey FAQs

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