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Health Benefits Info PackageHealth Benefits Info PackageHealth Benefits <strong>Info Package​</strong><br>​The first edition <em>First Nations Health Benefits Information Package</em> has essential and informative information about the First Nations Health Benefits program including principles, coverage, workflow for claims, appeals information, frequently asked questions, contact information and more.<br>
First Nations Health BenefitsFirst Nations Health Benefits<p>​First Nations Health <b>Benefits</b></p><p>​On July 2, 2013 Health Canada's Pacific Region Non-Insured Health Benefits program became the First Nations Health Authority Health Benefits Program.​ On October 1, 2013 the FNHA assumed responsibility for First Nation Health Benefits program regional functions.</p>

​​​Welcome to the Health Benefits Home Page!​

The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) Health Benefits program provides a number of health related goods and services to meet medical and dental needs not covered by provincial, territorial, or other third party health insurance plans for BC First Nations.

​​The FNHA Health Benefits program currently includes coverage for:

• Dental
• Medical Supplies & Equipment (MS&E)
• Medical Transportation
• Mental Health - Crisis Intervention (Short Term)
• MSP - BC Medical Service Plan (CareCard)
• Pharmacy​​
• Vision Care​​

Our program strives to provide health benefits to BC First Nations peoples in a manner that:

• Is appropriate to the unique health needs of BC First Nations
• Leads to improved overall health so that BC First Nations health status is comparable to other Canadians
• Is financially sustainable 
• Facilitates empowerment of individuals to access health programs and services as and when they need it 
• Focuses health services towards wellness and prevention​

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