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Medical Transportation

​​​​​​​In order to qualify for medical transportation benefits under the FNHA Health Benefits program, you must meet​ the FNHA eligibility requirements. You must be:

  1. A registered 'Indian' according to the Indian Act or the infant (up to one-year old) of an eligible parent, and
  2. A resident of British Columbia within the meaning of the Medical Service Plan (see box below), and
  3. Not funded or insured under any other benefit system or benefit plans provided by:
  • • Federal legislation, a federal policy or under agreements entered into by Canada, and/or
    •​ A First Nations Organization pursuant to self-government agreements, land claim agreements, contribution arrangements or internal policies or plans​

​Under BC’s Medical Services Plan (MSP), a resident is a person who meets all of the following conditions:

• Is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
• Makes his or her home in BC; and
• Is physically present in BC at least six months 
in a calendar year

More information regarding BC MSP residency requirements can be found here​.

For more details regarding eligibility for FNHA's Health Benefits program, please click here.​

In order to receive medical transportation benefits, you will be asked to provide the following documents:

• A referral from a General Practitioner or family doctor
• Confirmation of appointment from the health care provider or facility
•​ Confirmation of attendance at your appointment from your health care provider or facility (once travel has been completed)​

What are my Patient Travel Benefits?

The FNHA Health Benefits program provides medical transportation so that you can access medical services that are covered under the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) or the FNHA Health Benefits program.

For detailed information about patient travel benefits, please refer to the Medical Transportation Framework. The document can be found here.

What is covered?

Travel Arrangements

The FNHA Health Benefits program provides medical transportation to help you access medical services with the nearest appropriate health care professional or at the nearest appropriate health care facility. The most economical and efficient means of transportation is used, while also considering the urgency of your situation and your medical condition.

Medical Transportation Responsibilities for BC First Nations:

If you are using medical transportation benefits provided by the FNHA Health Benefits program (either through the community or the regional office), here is your check-list:

​✔ Get prior approval for all non-emergency trips. The only exception is a medical emergency.
✔ Give 5 -10 days notice before leaving the community (or more depending on the community's policy). This avoids last minute confusion and provides enough time to make travel arrangements.
✔ Obtain all of the necessary paperwork for your trip before leaving the community (i.e. referral from GP or confirmation of appointment with specialist).
✔ Attending your medical appointment as scheduled.
✔ Get a signed/stamped Confirmation of Attendance (COA) from your doctor or nurse confirming that you have attended your medical appointment. The signed COA must be returned to the Transportation Coordinator after the medical appointment.
✔ Protect all of the original vouchers/warrants/receipts issued to you for your medical trip. Please note that vouchers, warrants, and receipts will not be reissued if lost or stolen.
✔ Give notification when cancelling an appointment. Be sure to provide 24 hours' notice to cancel hotel arrangements.
✔​ Collect and forwarding all required receipts.

How do I access my Patient Travel benefits? And how does payment work?

Below is the sequence of events for accessing patient travel benefits:

1. You receive an appointment for a specialty doctor located outside of your community.


2. You contact your community to see if you are covered by a funding arrangement.


3. If covered under a funding arrangment then travel benefits are provided through the community/organization. If you are not covered under a funding arrangement then travel benefits are provided directly by FNHA Health Benefits.


4. Five to ten days before your appointment, you or your community health representative forwards your request to FNHA Health Benefits ​or your community/organization as appropriate, including : 

  • • the completed form,
  • • confirmation of appointment
  • • relevant referral documents an​d ​any other supporting medical documents

5. FNHA Health Benefits or your community/organization as appropriate, reviews your request to see if you are eligible for benefits under this program. Once you are approved, FNHA Health Benefits or your community/organization as appropriate, makes travel arrangements using the most economical and efficient means of transportation, taking into account the urgency of you're the situation and your medical condition.

6. FNHA Health Benefits or your community/organization as approp​riate forwards the travel itinerary to you, including any relevant vouchers or purchase orders, and a confirmation of attendance form. You then use the travel arrangements and vouchers as instructed.


7. You go to your appointment as scheduled. Remember to ask the doctor's office to sign/ stamp and date the confirmation of attendance (COA) for the appointment. You return to your home community as arranged.


8. Once home, you give the completed confirmation of attendance form to FNHA Health Benefits or your community/organization as appropriate. This completes the file for the trip. The providers of the travel arrangements forward invoices to FNHA for payment of the services provided.


Forms you may need:

Medical Transportation Check List PDF

Medical Transportation Request Form PDF

Medical Transportation Confirmation of Appointment Form PDF

Medical Transportation Physician Form Requesting for Escort PDF
​Medical Transportation Confirmation of Attendance Form PDF​​​ 

Medical Transportation Policy Framework PDF

 Do you have questions?

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 How was your experience?

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