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Increased Access to Insulin Pump

Insulin pumps are devices that people living with diabetes can use to receive insulin. Insulin pumps can be set to deliver small amounts of fast-acting insulin into the body throughout the day while an insulin dose can be added when needed, such as around meal times. 

Currently, PharmaCare covers insulin pumps for British Columbians 25 years old or less who met the medical criteria for insulin treatment delivered by an insulin pump. Insulin pump requests for FNHA Plan W clients over 25 years old are faxed to FNHA separately.

Effective July 3, 2018, all British Columbians living with insulin-treated diabetes who meet the established medical criteria will be eligible for insulin pump coverage under PharmaCare. FNHA Plan W clients will also benefit from this expanded PharmaCare coverage.

Clients are encouraged to speak with their endocrinologist or diabetes specialist about whether an insulin pump is right for them. Health professionals who would like additional information on PharmaCare's expanded coverage for insulin pumps should visit the PharmaCare websi‚Äčte

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact First Nations Health Benefits at 1.855.550.5454.

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