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Regional Engagement Guide and Health Benefits Questionnaire

FNHA is on a journey to improve Health Benefits. As we move forward in our transition off of the national system for Dental, Vision and Medical Supplies & Equipment we would like to share our engagement approach.  

In an effort to ensure that our direction is in​ line with the needs and advice of BC First Nations, the FNHA is distributing a Regional Engage​ment Guide regarding the Health Benefits programs to be delivered by a new third party partner. This Guide is the foundation of a multi-level community participation process including working with the First Nations Health Directors Association to obtain technical advice and supporting a series of focus groups intended to bring forward concerns, as well as hear solutions regarding current challenges. We will also be increasing our partnerships with service providers to ensure they are aware of any changes.​

Please take an opportunity to review the guide, or if preferred, the Regional Engage​ment Guide Summary​ and fill out the questionnaire to let us know if we're on the right track. You'll note that within a questionnaire there is space respondents can put their name forward for participation in focus groups.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the Regional Engagement Guide or the questionnaire, please email

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Regional Engagement Guide (PDF 1.86 MB)
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