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Health and Wellness Planning


2017/2018 FNHA Summary Service Plan


We are pleased to share our FNHA Summary Service Plan for 2017/2018, which articulates a specific set of key priorities for the year, building from our ongoing long-term goals, outcome statements, objectives and strategies. This plan marks our second year into our five-year health plan. The development and implementation of our Summary Service Plan has been, and will be, guided by our Vision, Seven Directives, Shared Values and the First Nations Perspective on Health and Wellness – supporting the FNHA to be grounded in First Nations knowledge and teachings, and aligning our work with the consensus leadership expressed by our c​ommunities.


An Operational Plan for the Fiscal Year 2016/2017

The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) is pleased to share 2016/2017 FNHA Summary Service Plan: An Operational Plan for the Fiscal Year 2016/2017. The fourth Summary Service Plan describes the overall strategic and operational direction of the FNHA. It marks a new chapter for the FNHA – one in which we articulate a set of five-year goals, outcome statements, objectives, and a set of specific strategies and key priorities for 2016/17.

Since the transfer of Health Canada operations to the FNHA in 2013, the work of the organization has focused on advancing the health and wellness philosophy of the organization; strengthening services and operations; stabilizing and evolving the organization, including aligning functions associated with service delivery, operations, and medical expertise, and aligning to the five regions; and, nurturing partnerships with First Nations, government and health system partners.

This work continues through the next stage of the journey, as the FNHA pursues four key goals thoughtfully designed to continue to advance our journey towards our shared vision:

  1. Enhance First Nations Health Governance.
  2. Champion the BC First Nations Perspective on Health and Wellness.
  3. Advance Excellence in Programs and Services.
  4. Operate as an Efficient, Effective and Excellent First Nations Health Organization.

All of our plans are guided by the Shared Vision, Values and Principles, our Seven Directives and the First Nations Perspective on Health and Wellness. These guiding elements set the tone for our overall approach to transformation – which is built upon the concept of wholeness and of a health system transformed through wellness.

This 2016-17 Summary Service Plan, articulates our hopes and dreams for the future, and establishes a tactical approach to set these plans into motion. We are excited to embark on the next phase of our journey, and will report progress as we continue to collaborate with communities and our partners, working towards our shared vision.​​

​Download the 2016-2017 Summary Service Plan here (PDF 5.96 MB)


2015/2016 FNHA Summary Service Plan


The FNHA is pleased to launch its Summary Service Plan (SSP) for 2015/2016. What is the SSP? It's a plan that will guide the transformative journey under way for BC First Nations, the FNHA and its partners. A focus will be on supporting another year of smooth operations, while expanding the transformation and innovation in health for First Nations people in BC. 

During this time of transformational work, FNHA brings a renewed commitment to uphold our Seven Directives and shared values of Respect, Discipline, Relationships, Culture, Excellence and Fairness.
In the coming year, the FNHA will concentrate on four key goals:

1. Enhancing First Nations health governance;
2. Promoting and implementing the BC First Nations perspective on wellness as a health and wellness champion;
3. Improving health service and programs as a health and wellness partner; and
4. Strengthening the FNHA as a sustainable and effective First Nations health organization.
This year will see an increase in dollars flowing directly to the regions. Specifically, 75% of the overall 2015/2016 budget will go to direct regional investment, as compared to 70% last year. An 11% increase in health actions expenditures means more direct investment in wellness and preventative services. 
In the year ahead, FNHA looks forward to reporting progress as we work with our partners towards our shared vision of, "Healthy, Self-Determining and Vibrant BC First Nations, Children, Families and Communities.”

Download the 2015-16 Summary Service Plan here​ (PDF 1.88 MB)​


A Change in Focus: 2014/2015 Summary Service Plan​​

This document summarizes the key FNHA priorities for our first full year of service delivery.

Download the plan here: A Change in Focus: 2014/2015 Summary Service Plan (PDF 3.03 MB)​


​A Year in Transition: 2013-2014 Interim Health Plan


The 2013-2014 Interim Health Plan is summarized into a Summary Service Plan released to First Nations and the general public.  The Summary Service Plan provides an overview of the Interim Health Plan, summarizing the key FNHA priorities and milestones. The current Summary Service Plan is titled "A Year in Transition: 2013-2014 Interim Health Plan Overview" and can be do​wnloaded here: IHP Overview PDF (1.6 mb)​​

Coordinated Planning 

Coordinated planning is key to the success of the work ahead to improve the health and wellness of BC First Nations. The FNHA is leading or supporting planning processes at the organizational level (FNHA), as well as at regional and community levels. For the FNHA, this includes the annual Interim Health Plan (IHP) and the annual Summary Service Plan, which makes our goals and activities available to the public.  

Moving forward, it's the health and wellness priorities of the regions that will increasingly drive the work of the health governance partners (FNHC, FNHA, FNHDA and the Tripartite Committee on First Nations Health). BC First Nations have called for the development of Regional Health and Wellness Plans (RHWPs) to clearly identify their priorities. In early 2014, the five regions each developed interim RHWPs. These plans are evergreen – meaning that they will be continually updated.

It's all about transformation. This transformation starts with re-orienting the inherited Health Canada community health planning process to better meet the needs of BC First Nations. Over time, a new approach will reshape the current community health planning process into one focused on health and wellness. And it's these community plans that will directly inform the health and wellness plans developed at regional and provincial levels. 

Join​​t Project Board 

The Joint BC First Nation and Ministry of Health Project Board (the Joint Project Board) brings together representatives from the BC Ministry of Health Services and the FNHA. The board's objec​tives are to: advance strategic priorities; overcome policy barriers; support priorities and initiatives of the regions; and support integration of the services and initiatives of the provincial government and FNHA.

One important result of the work of the board's work is the "Agreement in lieu of payment of the Medical Services Plan (MSP) Premiums on behalf of First Nations people resident in British Columbia" between the BC Ministry of Health Services and the FNHA. Through this agreement, money is available to fund and sustain primary care projects across the province.

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