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2018 FNHA Winter Wellness Grants


The FNHA is pleased​ to announce the next round of Winter Wellness ​Grants!​

Grant Eligibility

Organizations, schools and agencies that are engaged in direct health service delivery to BC First Nations and/or Aboriginal people may be eligible for funding to host a Community-Driven Winter Wellness event or initiative. To be eligible, the event or initiative must be held between January 1st – February 18th, 2018.  The deadline for ​applications is October 27, 2017.  

**If you have received Day of Wellness and/or Winter Wellness grant funds in the past, previous closing reports must be submitted before applying for new funds.

The First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) envisions healthy, self-determining and vibrant BC First Nations children, families and communities playing an active role in decision-making regarding their personal and collective wellness. In line with our Directive #1 - Community-Driven, Nation-Based, the FNHA is encouraging First Nations to create their own health event or initiative!

The 2017-2018 theme is "Togetherness". This is the time of the year where coming together is important for us as individuals and as a community.  Here at the FNHA we want Wellness​ events and initiatives to include a gathering aspect so that participants are encouraged to celebrate wellness by bringing people, families and communities together. It is our wish t​o see the Winter Wellness events sustaining wellness in our communities by starting the year in a good way.

Applications will be weighed against the following criteria:

• Includes a coming together/gathering aspect that participants can implement within their lifestyle/community

• Event or initiative that focuses on one or more of the FNHA Wellness Streams

• BC First Nations community-based applications (single or multiple)

• Applications where collaboration or partnership with other communities are possible and demonstrated at the regional, or sub-regional level

•​ Fairness and equity within and across the five regions

Samples of FNHA Wellness Streamed initiatives and events:

Nurturing Spirit
Organize a Volunteer Challenge! Have youth participants commit to coming together to cut firewood and deliver it to Elders in the community. Following that, celebrate the good work and feelings spread across the community by having a community meal and circle to share your experiences.
Respecting Tobacco
Community members collectively pledge to go 48 hours smoke-free, as a group. A 5 km walk can be held. At the end of the walk, the community members who have gone smoke free will be acknowledged and rewarded.
Being Active
Organize a 5 km snowshoe, ski, sled or walk and have a warm meal at the end of it.
Healthy Eating
Have community members come together to learn about traditional food and prepare traditional meals. Gatherings can be held during the month of January.

Application Form

To apply for a grant, please complete this application. Funds may be used for any required costs necessary to carry out the event or initiative (with the exception of purchasing assets or infrastructure). 

Only fully completed application forms will be considered.

Applications can be submitted via email, fax or online link no later than ​October 27, 2017.

Please Note: If the application is being sent via fax, please call the phone number below and leave a message to let us know it has been sent. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that the fax is sent and received.


Phone: (604)-693-6974

Fax: (604) 913-2081

Apply online here!

PDF Appli​cation (199 KB)

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