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Canning Knowledge and Keeping Our Babies Strong Through Food Recipe Stories and Training Questions


First Nations people have lived off the land since time immemorial. The FNHA would like to promote canning as one form of food preservation and we are currently developing a canning training curriculum and information resource to ensure that community members have the tools to preserve healthy foods in a safe way.

We would like to learn more from First Nations Elders and communities who may have been involved with traditional practices, food processing and preservation. We are also looking for traditional stories and recipes to be featured in the resource.

If you would like to share your story, share it in the survey here!

[Survey is now closed]​


We will do a raffle for those that submit by September 29, 2017:

• A canning story and/or recipe and the prize is one pressure canner – the value is between $200-300.
• A baby food story and/or recipe and the prize is an Action Baby Carrier (for 8-40LBS) – the value is approximately $125​

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