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Information for Wildfire Evacuees - Communique Four


​As of today, fifteen First Nations communities in BC are under evacuation order or alert, or otherwise directly impacted by BC wildfires. With high winds expected for the weekend and hot, dry weather to continue, more families and communities may need to leave their homes for safety.

Evacuation for vulnerable populations due to smoke (where orders or alerts are not in place)

In First Nation communities where forest fire smoke is significant and prolonged, Chief and Council may want to consider an assisted temporary relocation. This may be the best solution for Elders, infants and those with chronic health conditions where they are able to arrange alternative accommodations and travel. Chief and Council can contact the Provincial Regional Emergency Operations Centre (PREOC) in their area to find out about supports that may be available for this.

Importantly, financial assistance may be available from the provincial emergency response operations center (PREOC), on recommendation of the FNHA Chief Medical Officer (CMO) or Senior Medical Officer (SMO).

Updates: Red Cross Support

The Canadian Red Cross is encouraging people to register for assistance by calling 1-800- 863-6582, or online at Registering helps ensure people are safe and accounted for, reunites families who might have been separated, and provides a method for the Red Cross to reach people with assistance and important information.

Red Cross Financial Assistance – At present, eligible registered households are receiving

$600 through electronic funds transfer – the quickest, most secure way to receive funds. Other forms of assistance will be provided in coming days. The initial $600 in assistance is a single amount for an entire household - not per person - and is helping with urgent needs, such as food, lodging, clothing, medical supplies and other essentials. Please note that households can't share an email address, since more than one electronic bank transfer can't be sent to the same email address.

For those without computer access or electronic banking, Red Cross has teams working in affected communities to ensure people get the help they need. After registering with Red Cross, people's information and eligibility will be validated, so the process can take a few days before funds are received.​

Issues and barriers at reception centres​

FNHA is in receipt of a number of issues related to services provided at evacuation centres. We are actively working through these with our partners to ensure that First Nations arriving at these centres get the services and supports needed. As a first point of contact we encourage First Nations to visit our FNHA booth at ​the College of New Cale​donia.


FNHA on-call contacts for the weekend of July 15/16

Nursing Services: Pamela Crema: 236-993-7742/ Marlene Hoover: 778-960-7079

Chief Medical Office: Dr. Shannon MacDonald: 250-514-6840

Environmental Public Health Services (EP​HS) Casey Neathway: 778-875-3486

EPHS After-Hours: 1-844-666-0711

OH & S and Business Continuity Planning:  Sandor Maradi: 778.879-7399

Communications/Media: Davis McKenzie: 604-831-4898


Stay Up To Date

Our FNHA wildfire information page ( will be the main location for FNHA updates on the wildfire situation, current evacuation zones, road closures, emergency phone lines and other crucial emergency services. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide updates as needed.

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