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Internal Audit of Inter Tribal Health Authority

First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) initiated an audit of Inter Tribal Health Authority (ITHA) in November 2016 through Internal Audit Services, an independent audit service shared by Provincial Health Services Authority, Fraser Health, First Nations Health Authority, Vancouver Coastal Health and Providence Health. We use this audit service to​ provide objective assurance of financial and service integrity and to add value and improve an organization's operations.

The audit was undertaken both as part of FNHA's regular quality assurance processes and in response to concerns raised by ITHA member communities about the organization's service delivery.  

The audit assessed risk management, control, governance processes, financial management and compliance with certain quality care standards.

ITHA's lack of cooperation with both FNHA and the auditor, together with a complaint filed by ITHA against the auditor, meant the audit was ultimately not completed.​

However, the DRAFT audit uncovered serious issues that were unable to be resolved because all attempts to work with ITHA management and the Board have been unsuccessful. These issues include:

•Lack of access to information and key personnel
• Organizational culture may not support organizational success
• Governance issues
• Program and service quality and oversight problems
•​ Financial management and control issues ​

The ITHA Health Funding Arrangement Audit is available here.​

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