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Severe Weather Alert for Coastal Regions, Fraser Canyon and parts of BC

As you may have already heard, Environment Canada has recently issued a SEVERE alert concerning the coastal weather event that will be arriving on this afternoon, Wednesday February 8th. Severe alerts are rare and are defined as having "potential for major societal impacts for which enhanced severe weather preparedness may or may not suffice for mitigation". 

The concern for the upcoming storm is that it will begin as sno​w, then turn to freezing rain, and finally end as rain. Freezing rain is associated with many problems.


As your health and wellness partner, the First Nations Health Authority offers the following tips to protect yourself and your family in the coming days. ​

Problems you can expect:

 power outages

 water drainage issues

 downed trees

 road conditions to be severe


Please ensure that you have:

 Flashlights, candles, matches and/ or lighters at home

 Sand and/or salt

Food that does not require cooking

 A radio (battery-powered)

 Warm clothing and blankets (should there be a power failure).

Please be sure to check on your elders and loved ones to ensure they are aware of the severe weather alert and to help them prepare​ if need be.

Also reconsider any medical appointments or meetings you may have – as travel to these appointments could be very difficult.

You can stay up to date with Environment Canada's weather warning here:


Stay safe and be prepared,


David Reid

Health Emergency Manager

First Nations Health Authority

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