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The First Nations Health Authority releases 2019/2020 Summary Service Plan


Forward-looking plan provides roadmap for successful service delivery

We are honoured to share the First Nations Health Authority's 2019/2020 Summary Service Plan, which marks the fourth year of our five-year health plan. This Summary Service Plan is essential to our journey of health system transformation for First Nations in BC.  It provides a description of FNHA's operational plan for the year, including our goals, outcomes, objectives, strategies, performance measures and priorities.  It also sets out the story behind our plan and our progress to date. 

For 2019/2020, we have matured our planning approach by identifying seven organization-wide key priorities:

• ​Evolving the FNHA Operating Model, including Regionalization

• Renewed Partnerships with First Nations

• Wellness

• Knowledge Development and Exchange

• Cultural Safety and Humility

• Service Excellence

o Mental Health and Wellness

o Primary Health Care

o​​ Health Benefits

​​​​• Leadership and Culture Development

To advance each of the priority areas above, the FNHA has established specific annual key priorities that it will undertake in 2019/2020. These are yearly, measurable actions that will help to advance the FNHA's four goals:

  1. Enhance First Nations health governance;
  2. Champion the BC First Nations Perspective on Health and Wellness;
  3. Advance excellence in programs and services; and
  4. Operate as an efficient, effective and excellent First Nations health organization.

As we plan for the year ahead, we continue to learn from our partners and communities and build on our successes; reflect on our unique position within the health ecosystem and how we can support communities, individuals and health care partners; and remain steadfast in our pursuit of excellence in programs and services.

The development and implementation of our annual plan continues to be guided by our Vision, 7 Directives, Shared Values and the First Nations Perspective on Health and Wellness. These foundational documents ground our work in First Nations knowledge and teachings, in alignment with the consensus leadership expressed by BC First Nations communities.

Download the 2019/2020 Summary Service Plan here (PDF 13.4 MB)

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