Health Careers Guidebook


Today, health is everywhere you look. You'll find it on your grocery shelves, on TV, and in magazines and newspapers. It's a hot topic all over the internet, in your school, in your community, and everywhere we work and play. The focus on health has never been more significant.

And for many of us, health no longer means simply a state of physical well-being. We are looking at  health more holistically — acknowledging and valuing that it encompasses mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects as well. More and more, health care providers are starting to work together as teams to help people to maintain and improve their overall well-being. As the field of health continues to grow and change, now is an exciting time to begin your career in this dynamic and innovative area. It also happens to be the perfect opportunity for young, passionate, and educated BC First Nations and Aboriginal youth.

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Health Careers Index

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Alternative & Complementary Health

Clinical Laboratory Science

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer/Ultrasound Technician
Medical Radiation Technologist
Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Health Administration

Health Information Management & Technology

Maternal & Child Health

Mental Health, Addictions & Community Services
Child/Youth Worker
Health Coach

Nursing & Nursing Support

Nurse’s Aide/Orderly/Resident Care Aide


Oral Health


Physicians & Related Careers

Public Health


Special Technologies & Services

Vision Care


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