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Cervix Self-ScreeningCervix Self-ScreeningCervix Self-Screening​​<br><p>​BC recently announced a new self-screening program that helps detect cervical cancer sooner.​​​<br></p>,
Harm ReductionHarm Reduction<p>​Harm Reduction<br></p><p>​Harm reduction is about connection to culture. Find culturally safe supports and services for substance use.​<br></p>,
Urban and Away from HomeUrban and Away from Home<p>​Urban and Away from Home<br></p><p></p><p>The majority of First Nations people in BC live in urban areas or away from home, but mainstream health services are not always accessible due to existing barriers.​<br></p>,



Partnership Accord to renew commitment to Indigenous Peoples in the Fraser Salish Region Accord to renew commitment to Indigenous Peoples in the Fraser Salish Region2/22/2024 8:00:00 AM<img alt="" src="/AboutSite/NewsAndEventsSite/NewsSite/PublishingImages/about/news-and-events/news/partnership-accord-to-renew-commitment-to-indigenous-peoples-in-the-fraser-salish-region/3.jpg?RenditionID=5" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><p>​<span style="font-size:14px;">Partnership Accord renewal signals continued commitment to providing Indigenous-informed health care services in the Fraser Salish Region.</span><br></p>
Introducing the UAH Funding Initiative grant recipients the UAH Funding Initiative grant recipients2/22/2024 8:00:00 AM<img alt="" src="/AboutSite/NewsAndEventsSite/NewsSite/PublishingImages/about/news-and-events/news/introducing-the-uah-funding-initiative-grant-recipients/SSP_UAH-logo.png?RenditionID=5" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><p>​<span style="font-size:14px;">We’re excited to announce the grant recipients of the Urban and Away-From-Home Funding Initiative</span>.<br></p>
Board of Directors - Northern Regional Board Appointee Recruitment of Directors - Northern Regional Board Appointee Recruitment2/21/2024 8:00:00 AM<img alt="" src="/AboutSite/NewsAndEventsSite/NewsSite/PublishingImages/FNHA%20Logo.JPG?RenditionID=5" style="BORDER:0px solid;" /><p>​<span style="font-size:14px;">The First Nations Health Authority is currently recruiting a Northern Regional Appointee Board member.</span><br><br></p>