Videos for New Moms

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​​​​​​​About the ​Videos

The FNHA has created a video series that aims to support life-givers and their families before and after the sacred ceremony of birth.

In the videos, Elders and Knowledge Keepers share traditional teachings along with messages and words of encouragement for expectant mothers.

Videos for New Moms​ (video playlist on YouTube)

About the Elders and Knowledge Keepers

The series is introduced by Toni Winterhoff (Ey Claney). A member of Xa'Xsta (Douglas) First Nation, living and working on Sto:lo Territory, Toni is also a healthy children specialist at the FNHA. 

The series features videos from:

  • Gwen Therrien (Malihatkwa), Xa'Xsta (Douglas) First Nation. A traditional healer, Gwen is also a published author and an Elder-in-Residence at Health Canada's Iskotew Lodge (Gwen's vi​deo, 5.03 mins)
  • JC Lucas, Nuu-Chah-Nulth First Nation (JC's video, 9.29 mins)
  • Lucy Barney, T'it'q'et First Nation. Lucy is a Registered Nurse with a Master of Science in Nursing, and is a cultural advisor in Patient Experience at the​ FNHA (Lucy's video​, 6.20 mins)
  • Marguerit James, Penelakut Tribe (Marguerit's video, 3.57 mins)
  • Wendy Ritchie (Thetsimya), Skowkale First Nation. A matriarch in her nation, Wendy is also a Traditional Wellness Specialist in the FNHA Fraser Salish Team (Wendy's video, 2.44 mins)
  • Toni Winterhoff (Ey Clan​ey) is a Xa’xsta member living and working on Sto:lo territory. Toni works at the FNHA as a Healthy Children Specialist (Toni's v​ideo, 7.29 mins)​

Computer Tablet Initiative

The FNHA uploaded these videos onto a limited number of computer tablets and distributed them to new mothers living in rural and remote communities. 

The tablets aim to support new mothers who have to leave their communities – sometimes several weeks before their due dates – alone to give birth. As well, they aim to help new mothers who do not have access to a smart device get access to important care and information.

New moms can use the tablets to:

  • stay in touch with their families
  • access apps and websites to support them before, during and after giving birth
  • connect with medical specialists in maternal and child health 

The tablets are an added support for rural and remote communities with FNHA-funded programs in Maternal and Child Health and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

The FNHA is grateful to Toni and all the Elders, Knowledge Keepers and communities who gave their time, knowledge and wisdom to this project.​


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