Mental Health Providers

​Registering as a​​ Mental Health Provider • How to See Clients 

​​​Registering as a Mental Health ​​Provider

If you would like to deliver services to FNHA clients, please first review the Mental Health Benefit page and familiarize yourself with the FNHA Mental Wellness and Counselling Benefit. ​You can access the Mental Health Benefit Schedule here​​. A Mental Wellness and Counselling frequently asked resource is available here​.​

Provider El​​igibility

You must be registered with Health Benefits to provide counselling services to Health Benefits clients. You are eligible when you:

  • Are licensed/certified and ​in good standing with one of the following professional bodies:
  • ​BC Association of Clinical Counsellors
  • BC College of Social Workers
  • Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
  • ​College of Psychologists of BC
  • ​Have a minimum of a Master’s degree in a clinical counselling discipline from an accredited institution;
  • Have a minimum of 5 years of counselling experience;
  • Have a minimum of 3 years of counselling experience working with First Nations people; and
  • Have completed or agree to complete the San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training (Core Health or Core Mental Health) run by the Provincial Health Services Authority within one year of your confirmation of registration. If you require assistance with the Indigenous Cultural Safety program, please contact

How to Register with Health Benefits

Step 1: Register with FNHA

To register, please email a completed copy of the Me​nta​l Health Provider Agreement O​verview and Form​ to

Please carefully review the instructions and make sure you attach all necessary forms to your application package. Incomplete applications will not be processed. 

​​Step 2: Register for Pacific Blue Cross PROVIDERnet

Once you have been approved as a provider with FNHA, you will be required to register for Pacific Blue Cross PROVIDERnet to submit Predetermination or claims.

Continue to inform FNHA of any changes to your status or contact information by filling out this form, in addition to updating PBC PROVIDERnet.

 If you have questions related to registration, contact

How to See New Clients 

Once you are registered with the Health Benefits Program as a mental health provider, you can begin seeing Health Benefits clients. 

  1. A client will contact you to set up an appointment. 
  2. All counselling sessions must be pre-approved by Health Benefits. Before your initial session, you must submit a pre-determination through Pacific Blue Cross PROVIDERnet to determine if a client is eligible for coverage
  3. If the client is eligible for coverage, PROVIDERnet will be updated with an approval status. If the client needs additional hours beyond what has been approved, you are required to submit a new pre-determination to request more hours. Coverage for additional hours may be considered on an exceptional basis.
  4. ​Have the Client sign the Pay Provider Authorization form​. This form must be made available on request. The form is only required to be signed once.
  5. You can use the Mental Health Proof of Services Rendered to capture client signatures ​as proof that services were received by the client.
  6. You must bill through PROVIDERnet. Only services rendered will be paid.

For assistance with pre-determination and claims, please contact FNHA at 1-855-5​​​50-5454. 

Paper based versions of required forms are available on the Pacific Blue Cross provider r​esource page. Learn more here.

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