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​Registering as a​​ Mental Health Provider
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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Registering as a​​ Mental Health Provider

If you would like to deliver services to FNHA clients, please first review the Mental Health Benefit page and familiarize yourself with Health Benefits’ mental health programs. 

Provider Eligi​​bility

To be eligible to provide mental health services to Health Benefits clients, you must be registered in good standing with one of the following professional bodies:

• The BC Association of Clinical Counsellors
• The BC College of Social Workers
• The Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association
• The College of Psychologists of BC

You must also agree to complete the San’yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training (Core Health or Core Mental Health) run by the Provincial Health Services Authority within one year of your confirmation of registration. If you require assistance with the Indigenous Cultural Safety program, please contact​.

How to Register with​​ Healt​​h Benefits

To register, please email a completed copy of the Mental Health Provider Agreement Overview and Form to Please carefully review the instructions and make sure you attach all necessary appendices to your application package. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

How to See ​​New Clients 

Once you are registered with the Health Benefits Program as a mental health provider, you can begin seeing Health Benefits clients. 

1. A client will contact you to set up an appointment. 

2. All counselling sessions must be approved in advance by Health Benefits. Before your initial session, you must submit a Mental Health Counselling Prior Approval Form to Health Benefits to determine if a client is eligible for coverage. 

3. If the client is eligible for coverage, you will receive a letter indicating the number of counselling hours approved for that request. If the client needs additional hours beyond what has been approved, you can submit a new Prior Approval form to request more hours. You can begin to meet with and deliver counselling sessions as appropriate. 

4. You must bill the Health Benefits Program directly using the Mental Health Counselling Invoice Form. Please note that each appointment indicated on the invoice must be signed by the client. Only services rendered will be paid.

Sign up for direct deposit by submitting the Direct Deposit Form with a void cheque to, otherwise you will receive payment by cheque.

For assistance with prior approvals and invoices, or other client-related matters, email​, call 1-877-477-0775, or use the Health Benefits confidential fax at 1-604-658-2833. Please do not include clients’ names or identifying information in emails. ​

Ongoing Com​​munication

Health Benefits aims to ensure regular ongoing communication with registered mental health providers. If any of your information changes, please inform Health Benefits of the change. Please send updates to

For assistance with prior approvals and invoices, or other client-related matters, email​, call 1-877-477-0775, or use the Health Benefits confidential fax at 1-604-658-2833. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health providers are temporarily  permitted to submit Prior Approval forms and invoices via email to

Resources and Forms

Pacific Blue Cross Providernet 

For these forms, please follow the instructions listed on each form. 

Mental Health Provider Agreement Overview and Form 
Mental Health Counselling Prior Approval Form
Mental Health Counselling Invoice Form
Direct Deposit Form (Optional) – Please submit this form with a void cheque. 
​Appointment Confirmation and Private Vehicle Reimbursement Form (For IRS RHSP and MMIWG HSS programs only; for MWCP travel please see the Medical Transportation page.)

 Provider Relations

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