Corporate and Community Records

We are accountable to the First Nations people of British Columbia and committed to openness and transparency. Our Access to Corporate Information Policy, states the accountabilities we are committed to.

To m​ake a formal request

If you can't find the information you need on our website, or if the information you want is not routinely available, you can make a formal request in written form (letter, email or fax). To ensure we have all the information required, you can also submit your request using the Access Request for Information Form.

For non-BC First Nation applicants, an application fee in the amount of $50 will be charged. In addition, fees will be charged for the response commensurate to the costs incurred for processing the request and providing access to records. Because FNHA is not a public body and thus not under the auspices of FOI legislation, the organization is not resourced to conduct these activities. However, in the interests of transparancey and accountability we provide this service but on a cost recovery basis. Cost recovery ensures that community funds are not redirected from BC First Nations to perform a function outside FNHA's legal obligations.

Access requests from BC First Nation applicants will be answered free of charge.

Send your formal request to Information Management Services​​:

First Nations Health Authority

Information Management Services

#540- 757 W. Hastings St.

Vancouver, BC  V6C 1A1

​Is there a fee for formal requests?

There may be a charge of additional fees to cover the cost of processing your request. If fees do apply, we will send you an estimate before processing your request. We may also require you to send us a deposit.

To reduce fees, please narrow your request as much as possible. For example, you can specify a date range or describe which staff member or department is likely to have the information you need.

How will FNHA respond to my request?

In the spirit of openness and accountability, the FNHA will strive to respond to your formal request within 30 business days. If we need to consult with third parties, including the First Nations communities, or if we have a large volume of records to review, we may extend that time

The privacy law FNHA is subject to does not have any specific provisions about the access request for corporate or community information.

What if my request is denied?

FNHA may refuse to disclose to an applicant information that would cause substantial harm, o​r negatively affect the way FNHA operates, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Personal information other than the applicant's, including employee personal information;
  • Information supplied in confidence from other governments, including Aboriginal governments;
  • Information that could reasonably be expected to be injurious to FNHA's relationship with other governments;
  • ​First Nations' community information, where the release would contradict the principles of OCAP.​

If access is refused, the reason(s) for the refusal will be explained to the applicant in writing. The requestor also has the right to appeal the decision through Information Privacy Office or the BC Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner.

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