A Health Benefits guide to your pregnancy and infant care



Families who are expecting can't be expected to know all the programs, services and resources available to them through their health insurance. Which is why FNHA Health Benefits and FNHA Nursing have co-authored a new guide entitled “First Nations Health Benefits Coverage: Pregnancy and Infant Care" which provides a comprehensive list of programs, services, and items–prenatal vitamins, folic acid, breast pumps, etc.–available to families.

The guide divides coverage according to potential health concerns you may encounter throughout the pregnancy, as well as after your baby is born. Regardless of where you are in your pregnancy journey, all coverage is available to you at any time.

The guide also provides resources listed at the back which can offer health support and advice. If you have any questions that aren't answered in the guide, or are having trouble accessing coverage, call us at 1-855-550-5454 or visit fnha.ca/benefits.​

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