Environmental Contaminants Program


Environmental Contaminants and Risk Assessment

People may be exposed to many sources of naturally occurring and man-made environmental contaminants. At certain levels, exposure to contaminants in air, water, food and soil can cause or contribute to a variety of adverse health effects. FNHA works to:

• Assist communities to partner with academic institutions and organizations on community-based studies

• Provide assistance when there are (suspected or confirmed) risks from contaminants to interpret test results and offer recommendations to control exposure

• Support public education about environmental contaminants for communities

What is the BC First Nations Environmental Contaminants Program?

The First Nations Health Authority: Environmental Contaminants Program (ECP) supports First Nations projects that explore the link between human health and environmental contaminants. It is intended to:

• Help First Nation communities address their environmental health concerns and support capacity development

•  Encourage community-based study of environmental health issues by integrating Indigenous ways of knowing, traditional knowledge and science

• Recognize that wellness is influenced by environmental, social, cultural and economic factors, and that Nations, family, community and land all play a part in our health

The ECP Guidelines for Proposals are available to assist communities in preparing a request for program funding. Please note that FNHA no longer holds an annual call for proposals. Requests for funding can be submitted through the Environmental Contaminants Program Coordinator.


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