Engagement Process

​The "Engagement and Approval Pathway" is the process by which the First Nations Health Council and First Nations Health Authority gathers input and guidance and builds consensus on key decisions.

The Pathway was designed and adopted by and for BC First Nations as part of the Resolution 2011-01 at Gathering Wisdom IV.  


The Pathway

Engagement: A process of collecting wisdom, advice, feedback and guidance.

Discussion Document: Based on the engagement, developing options, questions and models and providing those back for further engagement.

Engagement Summary: Based on the discussion document engagement, providing a description of the common areas of agreement.

Building Consensus: A process of dialogue, and amendment as required, to amend the Engagement Summary to build and capture consensus.

Ratification: A process of approval for the Consensus reached.

The entire engagement pathway process is guided by the 7 Directives adopted by BC First Nations in the Consensus Paper: BC First Nations Perspectives on a New Health Governance Arrangement, and the principle of Reciprocal Accountability.


Bringing this Pathway to life, BC First Nations have participated in hundreds of regional, sub‑regional, provincial and community meetings and many other digital‑based forms of participation to provide direction and feedback for key governance-level decision points along this journey of health systems transformation.
Through innovative engagement processes like the annual Gathering Wisdom for a Shared Journey Forums, Regional Caucus Sessions in all five areas of the province, Community Engagement HUBS, comprehensive reporting and communications, First Nations Health Council Table and other mechanisms, space is created for each First Nations community voice to be heard.
This is perhaps the most comprehensive and successful engagement and approvals process ever undertaking for First Nations in BC and even across the country. Coupled with the principle of reciprocal accountability, the process is a cornerstone of this health system’s transfer and transformation process, with communities leading the discussion.
Recognizing that our strength comes from our ability to stay unified, we ensure that the decisions that impact all of us are made by all of us, and are done so in a way that makes room for everyone’s participation and focuses on the points of agreement among us.

Gathering Wisdom for a Shared Journey

GW5.jpg The annual Gathering Wisdom for a Shared Journey Forums attract Chiefs, health leaders, front-line health workers, federal and provincial partners, and other key decision makers in BC First Nations health. The unique conference is the only one of its kind in Canada and in its sixth year of operation, the 2013 forum promises to be bigger and better than ever with over 1000 delegates expected to attend.

Since inception, Gathering Wisdom for a Shared Journey forums have set the stage for a one-of-a-kind dialogue – one in which BC First Nations provide wisdom for building and transforming a more effective health system from the ground up. This year, we will achieve a historic milestone as operations of the First Nations and Inuit Health BC Region of Health Canada will be transferred to the FNHA.

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