Youth and COVID-19

Indigenous youth in BC are staying well, even during the pandemic. Read​ their pages and watch their videos to find out what they are doing to feel connected. 

​​Youth Pages​​​​​​​​​​​​​


Brandon, Haida and Nisga'a First Nations​​​

"I'm keeping well by exercising every day - whether it's a walk in the park or going to the gym. For me, physical...

Marcie, O​jibwe and Fishing Lake First Nation​​​

"When CO​VID started, I was experiencing strong emotions, in the past I would resort to unhealthy...​​​​​​


Megan, Haisla First Nation​​​

"For me, staying well during COVID comes with harvesting our traditional foods and medicines...​​​


Michelle, Talhtan and Tlingit First Nations​​​

"To keep myself well during the pandemic I'm going a little easier on myself. I'm enjoying hobbies that...​​​


Taylor, Fort Nelson First Nation​​​

"I'm staying well during COVID by learning something new like how to bead or perfecting something I'm...​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​Video Pla​​ylist

See YouTube for the full playlist of messages from yo​uth about staying well​.​​​​


See the Resources page for​ information and supports that can help you stay well.​