Youth and COVID-19 Resources

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Do some virtual c​​rafting

Virtual beading circles are empowering Indigenous youth throughout North America. Why not gather some friends and family and get creative? Learn more in this Vogue magazine article on virtual beadwork circles.

Do the Young Warrior​ Quest

Want to learn more about managing your feelings and stay calm? Check out the Cuystwi Transformation to Young Warrior Quest.

Find balance with Fou​​ndry

If you're feeling too busy or too sluggish to take good care of yourself these days, why not try Foundry? Foundry is a one-stop-shop for young people to access mental health and substance use services – and whole lot more.

Plan your journey to welln​​ess

Check out the FNHA's Wellness Road Map! Do the self-assessment, identify your strengths and supports and then you'll be ready to take the first steps towards some useful lifestyle changes.​​

Find healthy coping mechanisms

Box breathing (also called square breathing) is a type of exercise in which breathing is done in four equal parts. It is a great example of a healthy coping mechanism for managing anxiety because it calms down your nervous system. Many websites are available that explain the technique involved. 

Sometimes we may smoke or vape to deal with stress – even though we know it’s not the healthiest choice. If you’re smoking or vaping more than you want to be, check out FNHA's Youth Respecting Tobacco webpage for tips, encouragement and support.

​Ge​t active with ISP​ARC

Did you know that I·SPARC (Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity & Recreation Council) offers programs in your region to support and promote healthy active communities through sport, recreation and physical activity?

Watch an athletics ceremony and get ​​inspired

Check out the opening ceremonies from the 2020 All-Native Basketball tournament and picture yourself there. The tournament will be back before we know it!

Ask Aunt​​ie

Ask Auntie is an online wellness journey for people who identify as girls and who want to learn more about an Indigenous perspective on health, relationships, culture and what it means to be a strong Indigenous girl.

Get support from FNHA

Even though we need to keep our physical distance during COVID-19, we don't need to be alone on our journeys. There are services, apps and practices that provide help and healing during these uncertain times. Learn more from the FNHA fact sheet Mental Health and Wellness Resources for Youth.

Take the BounceBack q​​​uiz

It's not always easy to know when our mental health is at risk Sometimes we're the last ones to notice there are more bad days than good. Taking the BounceBack quiz can point you towards steps you can take to start feeling better.

Watch a We Matter vide​​o (or make your own)

Hear what your peers have to say about getting through tough times. Check out some We Matter videos or download the Indigenous Youth Toolkit and make your own!​

Learn your traditional language​​ online

There are more than 50 languages available at the First Voices website. Or you could use the First Voices app on your smartphone.

Try a virtual ​​smudge

Experience a virtual smudge provided by George Jeffery.​


​Bring your friends t​​​ogether

Do you have an idea for an activity or project that will connect youth or students? Receive a grant of up to $500 for projects that connect people socially or involve sharing skills or talents with each other. Learn more on the Neighbourhood Small Grants website.

Beco​​me a leader

Skill development and education (whether it's traditional or contemporary) allow us to grow as individuals and become leaders in our communities. Check out this FNHA news article about First Nations education and ways to find funding for going to school or finding a cool job!

Supports at a ​Glance

Mental Health and Wellness Supp​orts for Youth​ (fact sheet) – Box Breathing, Tsow-Tun Le Lum Society, Insight Time, Foundry BC, Child and Youth Mental Health Walk-In Intake Clinics, Youth in BC Online Chat, Youth Against Violence Line, Kuu-Us Crisis Line