Marcie Pruden

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Marcie’s Me​​ssage

“When COVID started, I was experiencing strong emotions. In the past I would resort to unhealthy mechanisms of letting strong emotions out. So during COVID, I took up exercise up as something that is important to me. It’s something I want to keep doing to feed me well.” – Marcie​​​​​​​​​​

Marcie Pruden is Ojibwe and a member of Fishing Lake First Nation. During COVID-19, Marcie Gets Centred.

Take Care of Yo​​urself

During COVID-19, Marcie started on a journey of taking care of herself. Marcie made a commitment to herself and to healthier ways of coping with her emotions. She’s started exercising and going on hikes, runs and walks. Speaking with an Elder is another healthy way to cope. 

Find Your Ow​​n Path

There is always a path to wellness and each person’s journey is different. To adapt to the emotional stress of COVID, Marcie realized that her path was exercising and taking care of her body the way she knew it needed to be taken care of.

Do the Young W​arrior Quest!

Want to learn more about managing your feelings and stay calm? Check out the Cuystwi Transformation to Young Warrior Quest. The quest features Elder Gerry Oleman of Stl’atl’imx First Nation and Elder Louise White of Nuu-Chah-Nulth First Nation. You can experience the traditional teaching relationship between Elder and youth.

Find Healthy Coping Mechanisms

Box breathing (also called square breathing) is a type of exercise in which breathing is done in four equal parts. It is a great example of a healthy coping mechanism for managing anxiety because it calms down your nervous system. Many websites are available that explain the technique involved. 

Sometimes we may smoke or vape to deal with stress – even though we know it’s not the healthiest choice. If you’re smoking or vaping more than you want to be, check out FNHA's Youth Respecting Tobacco webpage for tips, encouragement and support.