eHealth is the use of information and communication technologies to improve health and wellness. There are many eHealth tools that can support health services for First Nations communities. The following are current areas of focus at FNHA:

• Connectivity - Many eHealth tools need internet connections to work. How reliable this connection is affects the number of services that are accessible by many BC First Nations.

• Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) are electronic versions of paper medical files.  Giving those who provide care (e.g. doctors, nurses etc.) access to complete medical files through EMRs can improve care.

• Telehealth is the use of videoconferencing (live video) to deliver health and wellness services over long distances. For example, a patient at a local health centre can have an appointment with a specialist doctor at another location through telehealth.

• Virtual Doctor of the Day​ enables members of BC First Nations with limited or no access to their own doctors or nurse practitioners to make virtual appointments. The intent of the program is to enable more First Nations people to access primary health care closer to home.


For more information on eHealth please contact:

Jeffrey Yu, Director, eHealth

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