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​​​​​​​​​​​​About Our Reports

The FNHA is committed to a high standard of accountability and transparency, including reciprocal accountability with First Nations in BC and our Health Governance partners. Each year, we publish FNHA annual reports to demonstrate our progress and performance in implementing commitments outlined in our Summary Service Plan and to share our independently audited financial statements. We also publish Tripartite Health Plan reports.

2022/2023 Annual Report

The 2022/23 Annual Report describes the FNHA's progress on the goals, strategies and operational priorities outlined in the 2022/23 Summary Service Plan, Paddling Together: First Nations Health Authority Health and Wellness Plan. It highlights our work to advance systemic and transformative change in the health system, respond to community needs that have arisen in the last year and showcase the efforts and innovation of the five Regions who work tirelessly to support First Nations in BC.​

Watch videos from FNHA leaders as they share stories of progress from 2022/23 and a commitment to continue to advance the health and wellness of First Nations in BC. 

First Nations Health Benefits and Services Update​


“Looking back on the past year, we have leaned into our goal to enhance and transform access to quality health and wellness services…We are very proud of the work we're doing and will continue this transformational work alongside and in service of First Nations people and their families across the Province."

– John Mah, First Nations Health Benefits, Vice President

Public Health Response Update​


“As we reflect on the past year, I'm reminded of the remarkable efforts First Nations communities have made in preparing for and responding to public health related challenges. Whether that's an increase in climate change impacts to the land and water, the continued presence of COVID-19 or the toxic drug public health emergency - supporting the health and wellness of individuals, families and communities including members living away from home has never been more important."

– Katie Hughes, Public Health Response, Vice President 

Response to the Toxic Drug Crisis​


“This year is the eighth year since the Province declared the toxic drug crisis a public health emergency. Drug poisonings related to the toxic unregulated drug supply continues to take the lives of First Nations people in BC at five times the rate of non-First Nations people in the Province. Sorrow reverberates throughout our communities as the pain felt from every person lost to toxic drugs lives on in the families and friends left behind. We stand with and send out deepest condolences to all of those who have lost someone."

– Dr. Nel Wieman, Chief Medical Officer 

Watch videos from the Vice Presidents of Regional Operations as they share stories of progress from FNHA's five Regions.

Fraser Salish Region​


"I would like to acknowledge and raise my hands up to our First Nation leadership, communities, elders, and staff. I would also like to raise my hands up to our health care workers who supported us through another challenging year. We acknowledge the challenges that have touched us all this past year, with public health and environmental emergencies. I am proud of our communities who have come together with partners to support each other through these crises." 

- Michelle DeGroot, (former) Vice President, Regional Operations, Fraser Salish Region ​

Interior Region​


"I want to extend my gratitude to First Nations leadership, communities, and all those who have contributed to our shared vision. I acknowledge this past year has been challenging and one shaped by the public health and climate change emergencies impacting First Nation communities across the Interior region. I raise my hands to everyone who dedicated themselves and their work to the immediate needs of those communities who were impacted, as well as those who supported business continuity and ensuring community programs and services were not interrupted." 

- Mary McCullough, Regional Executive Director, Interior Region

Northern Region​


"It's been a learning experience and we're happy that we're able to work with our communities, make sure they're getting the care they need and hearing their voices. 

– Julie Morrison, Vice President of Regional Operations, Northern Region

Vancouver Coastal Region​

"I offer my sincere gratitude to every person who has contributed to this important work. We look forward to our continued partnership for the journey that still lies ahead." 

– Kim Brooks, Vice President of Regional Operations, Vancouver Coastal Region 

Vancouver Island​


"I want to offer my appreciation to the leadership and health teams of all communities for the collective efforts to advance our interests in health and wellness over the last year. Our work is always guided by the First Nations we serve." 

- Brennan MacDonald, Vice President, Regional Operations, Vancouver Island Region 

We invite you to read and share the full 2022/23 Annual Report with your friends, family and community. The full online version of the report can be found here:

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