Communicable Disease Emergency Response Planning

CDE Response Planning Tools • CDE Nurse Advisors • Help with CDE Response Pl​anning

​​​​​​​​​​The Communicable Disease Emergency (CDE) Management Team supports BC First Nations communities in updating and developing their CDE plans, to help them be prepared for and feel confident in their response.

CDE Response Planning Tools

We have developed a new CDE Response template for communities to use in the development of their community CDE response plan with guidance and feedback from communities and wisdom gained during response to COVID-19. 

You can use the template to insert your community's information. The companion guide can help you complete sections of the template.

CDE Nurse Advisors

CDE Nurse Advisors can support and be involved with communities at various levels. Their involvement is guided by the community and aimed at fostering community ownership and facilitating relationships with local and regional health partners.

Help with CDE Response Pl​anning

For any comments, questions or requests for CDE Response planning, please contact the CD​​ Management team at​.​

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