Immunization (Vaccine preventable diseases)


Immunization is an important part of wellness. In the last 50 years, immunization has saved more lives in Canada than any other health intervention. Immunizations (vaccines) are safe and important for people of all ages. All vaccines in BC immunization schedules are free. 

Protecting Yourself and Your Loved Ones
By getting all the recommended vaccines on time, you and your loved ones are protected from many diseases for life. Vaccines also help protect your community – since you can’t get sick and spread a disease to others. You help protect:

• Your family, friends and neighbours
• Babies and Elders
• Community members with chronic illnesses and other medical conditions

Learn more about how immunization protects your loved ones and your community by watching this one-minute video:  


FNHA and Immunization

The FNHA supports community health nurses (CHNs) in delivering immunization programs in your community. We work with CHNs and regional health authorities to ensure timely access to new vaccines, improve immunization rates and increase immunization awareness. The FNHA provides education, training and certification to CHNs in First Nations communities.

Do you have Immunization Questions?

Talk to the community health nurse at your health centre or nursing station.

You can also talk to your primary care provider or go to your closest public health unit:

Immunization Resources

ImmunizeBC -

Vaccine Schedules -

HealthLinkBC-24/7 Health Advice You Can Trust or call '811'

Immunize Canada

Meningitis Information via HealthLink BC

Vaccination Status Reporting Regulation​ 

Contact Us

For more information, contact FNHA Health Protection team at 1-844-364-2232

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