Good Medicine

​​The Good Medicine is a series of stories and posts that highlight the strengths we possess as Indigenous people.

Good Medicine Messa​ges

Good Medicine messages share how BC First Nations individuals, families, and communities, are using culture, traditional knowledge, teachings, and the land to support our wholistic wellness.

Good Medicine stories began as a way to connect and share our resilience as BC First Nations people to support one another during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Resilience and connection are part of the many inherent strengths demonstrated in BC First Nations communities every day. We want to hear from you and support you to highlight the good medicine in your community!

Each month we will share good medicine messages and stories to feature and share on our Community Stories page and across our social media platforms.

Good Medicine messages may demonstrate aspects of the First Nations Perspective on Wellness or FNHA's four wellness streams, Eating Healthy, Being Active, Nurturing Spirit, and Respecting Tobacco. Additionally, they may also highlight the following:

  • Good news messages and stories from BC First Nations communities, both urban and on-reserve.
  • Information, education, and tools from community programming to support your wholistic wellness.
  • Contests, challenges, events, and special days that recognize how BC First Nations people and communities are “walking the talk" and living it.
  • Stories sharing inspirational role models and communities.

Share a Story or Video​

FNHA wants to hear from you. Share your experience of First Nations strengths, resilience, and good medicine through the sharing of a story with photos, or send us a video and be entered to win a prepaid visa gift card!​

To share a story, submit the story (and photos, if you can!) using the online form on the Good Medicine Wishpond page. Please keep stories to less than 500 words and send photos, saved as jpegs, as separate attachments; thank you!

To share a video, send your video and story using the same form here​​​.
Please make sure your video is in landscape position.

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