Nurturing Spirit

Making You Smile
FNHA Wellness Diary

​​​​​​​Mak​​ing You Smile

Nurturing spirit is the aspect in your life that makes you smile! This is about what makes you feel good and connected. This builds your self-esteem, self-confidence and allows you to be connected to others, mother nature and yourself. 

Nurturing your spirit supports your mental, emotional and physical aspects of your being. Even though your spirit is fundamental in your wellness it is often overlooked or not supported when discussing your health. 

A huge component of taking a First Nations perspective on health is taking a holistic view of health including the spiritual and emotional aspects to the physical and mental aspects, which are traditional looked at in the medical system. This holistic view includes a 'healthy mind, body, and spirit'.

Some examples of nurturing your spirit are:

  • providing a space for spirituality
  • drumming and dancing
  • connecting with ancestors, mother nature or great spirit
  • taking time for self to decompress or manage stress such as yoga, meditation, learning a new hobby
  • honouring self by bringing balance into life and having self-responsibility. 

FNHA Wellne​​ss Diary

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