How to Apply

​​​​​​​​​As a First Nations led organization committed to walking with First Nations communities, we are committed to the recruitment and consideration of qualified Aboriginal and First Nations applicants. If you are First Nations or Aboriginal, we ask that you voluntarily self-identify in the online application process. However, above all, our hiring practices are on the basis of merit and we are committed to employment equity in our workforce. 

Step by Step Guide to Our Application Process​

If you are ready to begin your journey with First Nations Health Authority and to apply, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on our job postings​​;

  2. Search job postings and click on the 'apply' button to the position(s) that are the right match for your skills, experience, qualifications and interest;

  3. Sign into your user account. If you have not already done so, create a user account;

  4. Complete the online application steps and screening questions;

  5. Upload your resume (and cover letter, if applicable);

  6. Agree to our application terms and conditions;

  7. Submit and you are done;

  8. Come back as often as you would like by signing into your user account to check on the status of your application!

If you live in a remote community or have internet access issues, you can submit your resume and cover letter to the nearest FNHA location and it will be forwarded to our HR/recruitment team for review and consideration.

If you live outside of Canada and have Canadian work status, please email Recruiting Solutions is not accessible outside North America.

The First Nations Health Authority wishes to thank all applicants for their interest and advises that only those candidates to be interviewed will be contacted.

External Applicants FAQs

1. Why am I having issues with registering or viewing job postings? 

Please try the following steps:

a. Clear your browser’s cache.
b. Ensure your pop-ups are enabled.
c. Log-in using a different browser. Our system supports all browsers, however Internet Explorer is the preferred browser. 
d. If this is your first time applying for a FNHA job and you are having trouble applying for jobs, please email us at

2. I am getting a message, “Your resume could not be uploaded at this time.” 

The maximum file name length is 59 characters including spaces. Please rename any files you are trying to upload. The system will only accept application documents in MS Word or PDF formats.

3. How can I know the status of my application? 

With the Recruiting system, you can view the status of your application at any time. Log-in with your credentials and click on the My Job Applications Menu. 

4. How do I reset my password? 

Resetting your password is easy by following the steps below: 

a. From​ click log in / search jobs and select Sign-In then click Forgot Password. 
b. Enter your user name (hint: it is usually your email address) and click continue.
c. Answer your secret question (you would have set this up when you registered).
d. Click email New Password.
e. Check your email for your temporary password. Return to​ and sign in with your user name and temporary password given in the email.
f. You will then be asked to update your password.

5. I requested a password change but have not received an email. What should I do? 

Please email​ to have your log-in issue resolved. 

6. Do I need to upload my application documents in a certain format? 

Yes, we only accept application documents in MS Word of PDF formats. 

7. Why can’t I apply to job openings from my LinkedIn account / third party job boards? 

At this time, we only accept applications through our internal system. Please create an account at​ to begin your application. You can refer to our step-by-step guide on how to apply for a job at FNHA. 

8. Can I apply using a previously uploaded resume? 

Yes, when you click on Apply Now, you can select the option, “Use an Existing Resume” in order to select a resume from a list of previously submitted resumes.
9. Am I able to update my resume on my existing account in order to apply for a new position? If yes, how?

Under the My Job Applications menu, you can download all resumes you have uploaded on the system, make changes and then re-upload the new resume. 

10. Can I return to an application I started but did not submit? 

Yes, please follow the steps below: 

a. Go to​​​ and click on log in/search jobs. 
b. Click on My Job Applications 
c. Sign in with your user name and password. If you forgot either of those, follow the steps on FAQ #4
d. Complete uploading your resume and/or cover letter, as well as answering the questions on the online questionnaire. Review your application prior to clicking submit.
e. Click submit. Check your email for a confirmation email that your application has been submitted.

Please note you will not be able to complete an application once the closing date has passed.

11. How do I know my application was successfully submitted?

A message indicating that your application has been successfully submitted will appear after you click the 'Submit Application' button. You will also receive an email confirmation. You can view the jobs you have applied for by clicking on the My Job Applications Menu.

12. Can I update my application?
Once applications are submitted they cannot be updated. If you have submitted incorrect information or uploaded the wrong documents for a job, please withdraw your application and resubmit with the correct information.

13. When will I hear back about my application? 

Please log back into the system regularly for job status updates. Keep in mind that our jobs are posted for a minimum of 2 weeks.

14. Can I get job alerts on FNHA job openings? 

Yes.  When searching for jobs, you can save a search and get notified when a specific job gets posted that matches your criteria. While looking at the View All Jobs page, in the Search Jobs field, enter your key word, i.e. Admin. Click ‘Save Search” and enter a Search Name. If you select Email me when new jobs meet my criteria, your preferred email address will automatically be populated.

15. Can I mail, email or fax my application?

Yes, if you live in a remote community or have internet access issues, you can submit your resume and cover letter to the nearest FNHA location and they will forward it to our HR/recruitment team. You can also fax us at 604.913.2081 email your application to

16. If I have any questions about FNHA or a job posting, who can I contact? 

Please email and one of our team members will respond.

17. Why did I receive an email to complete a questionnaire for a job I did not apply for? 

Based on your applicant information in our system, our recruiters may invite you to apply for a job. If you are interested in the position, please complete the job application. 

18. How can I unsubscribe from FNHA emails regarding career opportunities? 

Please email us at and we will stop sending you emails or notifications on jobs you are no longer interested in. 

19. I received an email to complete a job application based on a referral. What do I do? 

You will typically receive an email when a current FNHA employee refers you to a job. If you are interested in the position, please complete the application.​

20. I am unable to access Recruiting Solutions from overseas, how can I apply?

Recruiting Solutions is currently only accessible in Canada. If you have Canadian work status, and are based internationally today, and looking to return to Canada for work, please email us at

21. I’m an existing FNHA employee and I’m not seeing certain job postings, why is that?
Please ensure that you are logged on to myFNHA  in order to view and apply for ‘internal only’ job postings. At this time, you will need to be logged on to the FNHA server in order to access myFNHA, which you may do so with your FNHA username and password. 

On December 9th, The First Nations Health Authority implemented a new recruiting system. Starting at 10:00 pm on December 8th, our old recruitment system is no longer being used. If you have already submitted your application (s) on our old system by 10:00 pm on December 8thno action is required by you.

During this transition, we want to ensure you are well informed of the actions you may need to take. Please carefully read the instructions below:

What happened to my saved job application?

If you started a job application on our old system but did not submit your application by 10 pm on December 8th, please start over with your job application in our new recruitment system. Saved applications cannot be retrieved on the new system. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience.

What happens if I want to apply to a different job at FNHA starting on December 9th?

Job postings will continue to appear on this page. Simply click on the job you are interested in applying for and follow the prompts in our new recruitment system. Any previously saved information about your profile will no longer be available and you will be asked to set up a new account.

We appreciate your patience during this time. Our new recruiting system will significantly enhance your candidate experience. If you have any questions, please email us at or call us at 1-844-699-3186.​

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