A Health Benefits and Services Update to the Medical Transportation Benefits Schedule



First Nations Health Benefits and Services is pleased to announce updates to the Medical Transportation (MT) Benefits Schedule. Incorporating community feedback generated through the First Nations Health Authority (FNHA) MT Transformation engagement series, travel for the following will be considered regular MT benefits:

  • Opioid agonist therapy (OAT)
  • Withdrawal management (also referred to as detox)
  • FNHA-funded treatment centres

Effective July 4, 2022, MT requests for the above services will no longer require an approved Exception under the MT Program.

Patient Travel (PT) Clerks and Health Leads should refer to the PT Clerk User Guide for information on how to assess eligibility when coordinating medical transportation for these services. Contact transportation@fnha.ca​ for a copy of the guide.​

How do these updates impact your Community?

This change means that incoming client requests for medical travel for OAT, withdrawal management and travel to FNHA-funded treatment centres can be assessed and coordinated as regular MT benefits within the community’s medical travel program.

These changes to the benefit areas are consistent with the goal of the MT Transformation Proje​ct and align with Directive 1 of the FNHA 7 Directives: to establish a community-driven and Nation-based approach to health governance. The FNHA's MT Operations team will remain available to support PT Clerks to determine the eligibility of these requests when required. 

MT Transformation Project

In March 2020, the FNHA launched a multi-year initiative to assess, plan and implement improvements to the MT Program. Check out the MT Transforma​tion Project for more information.

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